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Socorro Villa @SocorroVilla

Hello! I'm an artist who studied mass communications and just arrived in Glasgow to complete my Master in Collecting & Provenance. Landed here thanks to the good advise of @DrDonnaYates
Starting to define my thesis subject. I am interested in the process of recovery, return, repatriation of antiquities and works of art and just came across block-chain technology that seems to have the potential of a good tool in the whole process. So, just my first steps in many respects.

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Another one in Scotland! I think we're at four or five on this instance - seems like a statistical anomaly to me. Welcome!

@SocorroVilla @DrDonnaYates oh very interesting, there are some archivists folks talking about blockchain potential for digital provenance, but I remain skeptical bc of the energy usage it requires. Curious to hear more about its use in antiquities repatriation.