Hi I'm Lenni!

I'm a 26 year old Master of Applied student from NSW 💞📚✨ my first year average was over 90 because I'm a big nerd and love what I'm studying.

I'm interested in primarily though this is subject to change. Also interested in studies. Still looking for a topic for my Masters .

Please use /them pronouns for me!

@Spiceinvaders I read your into too quickly and my eye passed over it and I thought it said you were a "student from NSFW Australia" ... I was like ohhhh I wanna go there 🤣 Phonology sounds like a fascinating area of Linguistics to study. Will that be part of your Masters thesis?

@TheWebRecluse I hope so! I've got until early 2020 to figure out exactly what I want to do

@Darweysh thanks! I use they/them because they're most comfortable to me. I don't identify as either male or female.

@Spiceinvaders can i ask why? im a bit confused, are you biologically talking or psychologically? is it adopted biology by surgery or adopted psychology by society? or natural?


Good luck with your thesis.
Monkey with it like a Rhesus.
Well known: a small Macaque
Can make up for all you lack.

Say hi to all those new south whales!

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