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A lesson from Gandalf: Even the most experienced, skilled people doing work they love can face challenges that make them cry.

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The only Harry Potter I want to see is:

The Fashion Crimes of Grindelwald

Which is like a drag / fashion show, but it's magic and an extremely flaming Dumbledore dishes all the gossip we ever wanted to know

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@bgcarlisle thanks! This seems like an interesting place so far

@Creditor thanks! Fort Smith has a lot of history for something that's not technically a city. Without museums, and other institutions, we don't have a connection to who we are or where we've been. It's an always changing challenge that I was lucky to find.

@Creditor we talk about how the (extremely wealthy) family of William Clayton, the attorney for the federal court at Fort Smith lived during the Gilded Age.
I try to tone down the differences between now and then and emphasize most people didnt live like how the Clayton's did.
If I'm not stopped I can talk about my projects and research for hours :)

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Hi, I'm Sarah, I'm an emerging professional currently working as the in a small house museum in my hometown.
Along with I enjoy various , , and crafts. One of my favorite things to do at work is show people how , , , and the like are all intertwined and help others make connections with the past.

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