Job search stuff 

I have just clicked on a "grants and funding" link, and landed on a "This page does not seem to exist" page... I wonder what they are trying to tell me.


... So, I hope everyone is doing well.


I am so sleepy lately that I.

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Rassismus, kostenloses eBook 

Der dtv Verlag bietet das eBook von James Baldwin's "Nach der Flut das Feuer" (The Fire Next Time) bis zum 11.06. kostenlos zum Download an

George Floyd, University of Minnesota, donation 

Funding in medium-big science 

Here a back-of-the-envelope calculation I was doing with a friend a few years back. At the beginning of my PhD the annual budget of the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility (a wonderful thing, check it out if you can) amounted to 80 M€ (nowadays certainly more). In the hypothesis of wanting it funded on a fully voluntary basis, I would have to join forces with 10.000 interested people (which, perhaps are there!) willing to self-tax for 8000 € per year (ouch!).

Tea, joke 

I have developed Gunpowderitis. That is, the conditions that requires me to have an extra cup of gunpowder green tea in the morning in order to start getting things done.

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Math is not the language of the sciences. Curse words are the language of the sciences.


Take on goth-y pop culture, irrelevant 

While still in a comedic/halloween-esque way, the 1964 TV Addams family was arguably about characters which were more weird/deviant with respect to their context than its 90s revival (with a mainstream goth subculture flourishing in the previous decade). Which is a complicated way to say that I like the former more...

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I have a project that has been on my mind for ages. It started as a parody of dropbox when I bought the domain

The idea was that people could sign up and get 1.44MB of webspace to do with what they wanted; even going so far as to mounting that storage so it appeared as a floppy drive on their computer.

I purchased the domain on a whim over a year ago and while I haven't had time to work on the project itself. I have thought about its concept.

I think it would work nicely as an website based digital art project.

Given the space constraint of 1.44MB it would be interesting to see how that challenege shapes how people develop their content.

It would be fascinating to see if any static generated magazine style websites popped up had a similar low digital cost and aethetic to the solar powered LOW←TECH MAGAZINE.

Academic puzzlement 

I was recently volunteered into writing a so-called "graphic review" . It's a bit of an odd thing: I am usually a very text-based person. Giving priority to the main text over the pictures when reading papers.
I hope I can do a decent job for those thinking more in pictures. :mood: :BlobCatGooglyShrug: :blobpats: :ThisIsFine:

Getting older, kinda stupid 

I remember when I had to scroll less in order to find my age in the "age" box of online forms...

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a relatively minor thing in the year of COVID-19 

I hope that this is the year in which April Fool’s Day gets cancelled once and for all

Earworm, classical music 

From 6:30 this morning I have a persistent earworm of the "Adagio in G minor" (Giazotto). There are worse ones, but this one has the peculiarity of being one of the saddest piece of music I know...

Shitpost, honesty 

My body is not a temple, is a lab (*)
(*) assuming an health and safety inspection will come at a point

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Covid-19 | Information in English for Italy 

Link for those stuck in Italy wanting clear tips and instructions in English

The description text over the situation is kind of blunt and scary. But the information is good to have for those who need it, like who to call, and what to do.


Viruses, Pol, hiv, coronavirus, potential pandemic 

I am a *non*-expert in virology and epidemiology. I work and live between european states affected to a different extent by the current nCovid-19 spread. As a gay man born in 1985 (so, mostly second-hand experience from the "elders" in the community) , I find myself referring rather often to the HIV early stage when trying to clarify to others that stigma is bad, safety measures are good etc. Any resonating experiences?

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ISOLDE spots another pear-shaped nucleus
Ana Lopes
abelchioThu, 02/06/2020 - 16:05
The pear shape of the radium-224 nucleus (Image: CERN)

Most nuclei are round or the shape of a rugby ball. But nuclear-physics theories predict that certain nuclei may have a more exotic pear shape, with more mass at one end than the other. Back in 2013, a team of researchers using the ISOLDE nuclear-physics facility at CERN showed that the nucleus of the radium isotope 224Ra is pear-shaped, making it the second known example of this special class of nuclei. The first was 226Ra, discovered about 25 years ago by a collaboration led by GSI. Other studies, at Argonne National Laboratory, have since claimed that a couple of barium isotopes could also be pear-shaped. A new study at ISOLDE, by the same team of researchers that investigated 224Ra, has now added another nucleus to this exclusive class.

To look for a nuclear pear shape, researchers typically measure the probabilities that certain transitions between nuclear states, called octupole transitions, will occur. These probabilities are enhanced in the case of a pear-shaped nucleus. This is exactly what the team at ISOLDE and other groups investigating nuclear shapes saw in their previous experiments.

In their latest work, and thanks to a recent upgrade of the ISOLDE accelerator system, which can now accelerate beams of radioactive isotopes to unprecedented high energies, the team at ISOLDE was able to measure the probabilities for several octupole transitions in 222Ra and 228Ra. From these measurements, they deduced that 222Ra has a stable pear shape, while 228Ra instead oscillates between a pear shape and its mirror image.

“Our results allowed us to conclude that so far there are only three cases in nature – 222Ra,224Ra and 226Ra – where there is incontrovertible evidence for nuclear pear shapes,” says the principal investigator of this study, Peter Butler from the University of Liverpool in the UK.

So, why is finding another nuclear pear shape interesting? The more the better, because these exotic nuclei are useful for testing existing nuclear theories. What’s more, they could be used to search for an electric dipole moment (EDM) in particles.

The EDM describes the separation of the centre of charge from the centre of mass of a particle. The Standard Model of particle physics predicts that it should be non-zero but very small, but theories beyond the Standard Model generally predict a much larger value. In addition, if a nuclear EDM exists, it should be easier to measure it in pear-shaped nuclei. Therefore, nuclear pear shapes could offer a sensitive means to test variants of the Standard Model and probe new physics phenomena.…
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food, poll about a potential cookbook, boosts OK 

If I were to write a cookbook with high protein meals in and no "weird" ingredients like whey powder and so on, would you be interested? And what sections would you be interested in?

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