It's our last woman for the advent calendar! We really hope you've enjoyed it! Dr Sameera Moussa founded the Atomic Energy for Peace conference which aimed to make nuclear medical treatment more accessible and reduce nuclear hazards

Nearly at the end of our calendar! Today it's Marie-Anne Paulze Lavoisier, French chemist! She was instrumental to the publication of the pivotal Elementary Treatise on Chemistry, which unified the field.

Mary the Prophetess is our for Day 22 of the calendar! She was an alchemist who invented the bain-Marie, perfected the art of distillation, and could prepare caput mortuum, a purple haematite iron oxide pigment!

Happy Winter Solstice! Today for advent we have Zelia Nuttall, a Mexican-American archaeologist who rescued, translated and published pre-Columbian Mesoamerican manuscripts

Day 20 of our advent calendar is Ellen Hutchins (thank you so much @WilliamConey for suggesting her!)

She had an extensive collection of rare fauna, studied non-flowering plants like seaweed and moss, drawing them in exquisite detail as well as drying and annotating herbarium samples.

Day 19! Dr Rose Dieng-Kuntz was a senior research scientist at INRIA, where she led a team exploring online knowledge acquisition, the semantic web, and artificial intelligence!

Sutayta Al-Mahāmali is Day 18 of the advent calendar! She was an authority on the algebraic inheritance formula and made original contributions to algebra and arithmetic.

Day 17 of our advent calendar is Whakaotirangi, first known Māori horticulturalist! She led the Tainui Waka migration from Polynesia to New Zealand, bringing kūmara and other seeds with her, established experimental gardens at Aotea and founded the first farm in the area.

Hello everyone, it's day 15! Today's fantastic is Professor Honoria Acosta-Sison, the first Filipina physician, surgeon and obstetrician

My mum is half Turkish, so I'm always pleased to see Turkish women of science ❤️

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Professor Fahire Battalgazi is our day 11 of advent! She was the first Turkish woman to become a zoologist, and the first person to get a zoology doctorate in Turkey

Day 9 is Florence Violet McKenzie OBE! She was first Australian woman to earn an electrical engineering diploma, and the first to become a certified radio telegraphist

Morning folks! Today on the calendar it's Aglaonice, who used her skill of predicting lunar eclipses to pretend she was bewitching the moon from the sky!

Fun additional fact, cw as about sex 

She also wrote one of the earliest descriptions of the female orgasm, despite being a nun.

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