PSA: if you're having trouble with doing time zone conversions for talks, this calendar will convert them to your local time zone:

@SummerSchool I would love to attend a talk but don't understand how. Help?

@bouncinglime From their email: "You can sign up for other presentations or review the rules for participation here: "

And then you should receive an email before the talk with the link to the actual talk. :)

@bouncinglime if you wanna attend LJs talk and it's not on there anymore (dunno what the cutoff time is) I can throw you the link in private. As you're trying to sign up.

@maloki tyvm! It wasn't clear that the link was to sign up as a participant but I just found it in previous toots.

It was still listed on the form, so I'm guessing I'll get a link soon, but if you can toss it to me anyway that would be v v much appreciated as I am v v overwhelmed right now.

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