That's a wrap on 🌞 Thank you everyone for coming, being excited, and talking about the event!!!

Thank you to the presenters for their talks! All of them are amazing and you should follow them.

Thank you to the moderators, who kept talks running smoothly, took care of technical issues, and generally made sure things were okay!

Thank you @csepp for the graphics, and @hvincent for the header photo on this account!

And finally thanks to the organizing team for their timezone converting, spreadsheet wrangling, email sending, and emotional support 💙 @bgcarlisle @cxli @eearroyo1312 @Cyborgneticz y'all rule

@SummerSchool @bgcarlisle @cxli @eearroyo1312 @Cyborgneticz Thanks a lot for the initiative, which is quite nice. (Unfortunately, it did not fit into my schedule this year, but who knows what the future will bring...)

@SummerSchool @csepp @hvincent Oh no! I missed everything because I was so busy! Gah! I will have to catch up on any available recordings, etc.

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