presenters!!! If you want to and haven't already done so, please check your email for information on sending us your talk recordings/slides! Thank youuu

Hey buds people wanna do a recipe share?

New paper (that I promised to share) that uses a theatrical perspective to analyze TikTok videos.

Recording of my talk "Automatic parallelisation of legacy scientific code using source-to-source compilation" Passcode: mCHXFY8&

And finally thanks to the organizing team for their timezone converting, spreadsheet wrangling, email sending, and emotional support 💙 @bgcarlisle @cxli @eearroyo1312 @Cyborgneticz y'all rule

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That's a wrap on 🌞 Thank you everyone for coming, being excited, and talking about the event!!!

Thank you to the presenters for their talks! All of them are amazing and you should follow them.

Thank you to the moderators, who kept talks running smoothly, took care of technical issues, and generally made sure things were okay!

Thank you @csepp for the graphics, and @hvincent for the header photo on this account!

Wrap up is starting in 25 minutes!! Check your email or DM us for the link

Had a nice time at the talk today at the . Thanks, @b for the moderation. The slides and notes are at (pass bR9Sz7g2eR9xVVy- )

Hello everyone! This Thursday, on August 5 at 8:00 am UTC, I will be presenting about the concept of artificial intelligence at Scholar.Social’s summer school. My two main points will be a conceptualization of the line drawn between “AI” and “just code”, and the relation between concepts of AI and concepts of humans. It would be great to see many of you there, so please sign up for it if you haven’t already!

Coming soon: 2021-08-06 at 7:00 PM UTC

@kimreece presents:

Identifying sub-units of scholarship in mathematical papers, and the challenges they pose to literature search

Sign up here!

(Graphics by @csepp)

Coming soon: 2021-08-05 at 4:00 PM UTC:

@wim_v12e presents:

Automatic parallelisation of legacy scientific code using source-to-source compilation

Sign up here!

(Graphics by @csepp)

By which I mean that if anyone is rude about this cancellation, we will yeet you into the sun. 🌞

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Unfortunately, we have to cancel @theruran's talk tomorrow on delightful computing due to unexpected circumstances. A video on the talk topic will still be published---just not within the next week. Thank you for understanding!

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Hey all---as a reminder, talk links are sent out *manually,* usually on the day of the talk but never less than a few hours beforehand.

Filling out the signup form won't automatically send them to you. If you don't have a meeting link, please either DM this account or ask someone in the hashtag to DM it to you! Thanks!

@materhyu you can see the schedule here: Talks go until August 6th and some recordings/slides/notes might be available afterwards

Coming soon: 2021-08-04 at 4:00 PM UTC

@okf presents:

The philosophy of action, the epistemology of possibility, and force-users in Star Wars

Sign up here!

(Graphics by @csepp)

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