Hi everyone!

My name is Sylvia. I'm a Belgian philosopher of science 🦉 🔬. I like thinking about infinitesimal probabilities & paradoxes.

I'm married to a computational physicist and we have a 9yo son. Our house is stocked with 📚 & 🍫. There lives a squirrel 🐿️ in our garden.

I enjoy , , and ✍️ , including a monthly science column (in Dutch) & occasionally 👾🤖 🌌 .

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@noctiluca Well, thank you! (I was expecting nobody was going to notice on a Friday night.)

@SylviaFysica I think there are enough time zones, insomniacs and shift workers between us :P

@SylviaFysica welcome! I'm new to this instance too, though I've been of for a while 💼

I can see our overlapping interests are: , , , and using lots of emoji! 😁

I read quite a bit of and have even had a couple of ideas but never got round to executing them 😕

Most of my work is nonfiction, which is weird because I always thought I'd end up writing fiction. I'd love to read some of your sci-fi if you're willing! 👀

@badri Nice to meet you! + emojis: we're both picture thinkers, I guess. 😆

Your last sentence could also describe me! I studied physics with the plan to become a writer, but knowing the details made it harder to speculate. 😖

My first flash story only got published last year: I've now 2 flash stories submitted (1 more mythological). I can send you a link to my next draft. Please feel free to do the same if you start writing on your ideas. 🛋️

@SylviaFysica wow your story seems so cool! I can't read deeply on the screen so I've saved it to my for proper reading 🔖

I didn't know Nature published fiction! (Actually, I kinda did see once, but had forgotten). That's pretty cool, and you got a DOI and all! 😮

It didn't strike me that knowing details would make it harder to speculate! Makes sense though 🤐

We do seem to be picture thinkers! I visualise a lot of things, including math fractions and stuff so sounds about right! 👁️‍🗨️

@SylviaFysica here's what I suppose is the closest to fiction I've published. Be warned it's a slightly sad story, but I'm very proud of it even though it makes *me* cry 🥲

@badri Thank you for sharing this story! It was such a good reading experience. I did NOT see that ending coming. Indeed, the intermediate scenes kept me guessing, like a good whodunit, and I guessed wrong until the very end. 💔

The whole Snipette website is a beautiful project and I'm glad to know it exists. 🤩

@SylviaFysica thank you so much! 😊

I'm very happy to hear the whodunit-ness worked! This story actually came to me in the middle of the night, and then I woke up in the morning and *had* to write it. And then it made me 💔 when I finished and read it! I hope it also drives home to people the impact of plastic pollution; it certainly did to me ♻️

And thank you about Snipette too! I'm proud of it and it makes me happy when people find it meaningful 😌

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