End of Atopics 

My blog keeps reminding me of broken links to It was such a magnificent site, with pictures of halos and rainbows including very rare phenomena and their explanation. I once contributed a picture of interference in the tear layer of my baby's eye. At the time, so ~9 years ago, he already told me that he had problems with his sight. Does anybody know whether that's the reason for the end of his project?

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End of Atopics 

It's seems to be offline completely, but I could still read this in the cached version:

"Les Cowley has decided to discontinue Atmospheric Optics.

It’s been online for 24 years, a geological era in terms of ‘Internet Time'. Over those years it’s been a pleasure and, more importantly, a privilege, to see and share your rare and magnificent images, learn from your brain-teasing sightings and to have your friendship.

It’s been fun – thanks for the ride!"

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