Today we cached a street performance by French diabolist Yohan Durand. He turned himself, his 3 diabolos, and all the members in the public into passengers on a train. The train didn't get very far, but the show went on. It took place in a park and as the sun was setting between the trees, it was like a theatre spotlight: it turned the dust from the very dry grass that his dancing feet kicked up into a theatrical event. The music was quite striking as well, from poetic to rock. I was mesmerized.

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Afterwards, we stayed for another show: KM 13 by Belgium-based Balancetoi. Two soldiers at the front played chess, piano and danced, juggled, balanced on the chord... interrupted by war: from salutes, phone calls, and orders, over cherished mail from home, to shootings. There were no words in this show and yet it spoke volumes about making art in our times.

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