We have increasingly outsourced our decision-making to machine learning models ("the algorithm"). The whole point of building recommendation, sorting, and "decision support" systems on ML is to undertake assessments at superhuman speed and scale, which means that the idea of a "human in the loop" who validates machine judgment is a mere figleaf, and it only gets worse from here.


I tried to be a mountain
but not all feelings are clouds
simply drifting by.
Despair brings real torrents
that ruin your well-kempt garden
of leafy might-have-beens.

Good feelings move you
like offering dreams of clouds
for you to jump on.
They take you up
to see all that could be
and nurture your strength to make it so.


I am, technically speaking, a STEM educator, but the reason I get so cranky about STEM hype is that these disciplines cannot on their own address the problems I’m most worried about right now.

This is my newest painting: Overthinker. From my new series called Everything's Fine--because everything's not. More from the series: gwennseemel.com/everythingsfin

Voici ma plus récente peinture: Qui Réfléchit Trop. De ma nouvelle série intitulée Tout Va Bien--parce que visiblement tout ne va pas bien. Voir d'autres images dans la collection: gwennseemel.com/toutvabien

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Knowledge is mere remembrance
of souls that were once unchained.
Our eyes see but a semblance
of eternal truths retained.

for () With apologies to Plato.

New instance, new #introduction

I'm a former academic (philosophy) and currently a stay at home dad. I'm a self taught programmer and data nerd. Interested in history, science, maths. Most of my posts will be about gardening, dumb jokes, indie video games, science fiction, programming languages, philosophy and parenting. Also I will regularly make fun of crypto.

I love this inspirational looking poster right in the middle of EEAAO

Consider absence
Some days you will need some light
To find the shadows

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Alternative version for finitists (without the prompt):

Counting 1 2 3...
must end, they play hide and seek
no infinity.

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"You can't fix it. You can't make it go away. I don't know what you're going to do about it, but I know what I'm going to do about it. I'm just going to walk away from it. Maybe a small part of it will die if I'm not around feeding it anymore."

Lew Welch
(08/16/1926 – 05/23/1971)
US writer ("Trip Trap: Haiku on the Road")

Enchanté, I said,
a more enchanting language
I have never met.

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Any dragon lovers out there? Here are five of mine. I have several dragon paintings in my shop and my 2020 calendar was ALL dragons! I'll be putting a few new dragons in my new book, Seas Of Strangehollow launching next month! www.emilyhare.co.uk for all links and newsletter too! #MastoArt #dragon #dragons #painting #fantasyart

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