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Over the path two oaks embrace.
Their pointed arch secludes a sacred space
for mossy whispers from a silver birch
and creeks murmuring of a pagan church.


no smartphone / FOMO 

I don't have a smartphone (so no WhatsApp etc), never had FB, recently quit the bird site.
Friends rarely use sms these days, and when they do I mainly see boxes (instead of smileys). I recently found out that a friend tried to send me photos, which doesn't work and didn't even trigger a sign of failed attempt at either side.
So, I increasingly feel left out, even though it's by choice. Is there a no-SIM alternative to smartphone communication? Should I yield? Advice welcome.

Conference announcement 

There's a really cool looking workshop on mathematical communication being held in August. Details are here:

Messy homepage decisions 

2011: Started a static website (mainly written by my SO) and a WordPress install under .../blog.
2018: Attempt at Jekyll, didn't follow through.
2019: Deleted static part and put a redirect from home to .../blog.
2022: Started a static website again in html & css. My goal is to remove WordPress completely, but for now I still link from the new, static front to the old blog. 🚇 It's motivating to see progress.
Nice when haphazard decisions turn out for the best. :LeVarLike:

Paris talk on infinitesimal probabilities 19 May 

Next week, I'll take the Thalys to Paris to give my first external talk since the pandemic started. 🚄😷 The title is "infinitesimal probabilities". I plan to cover some paradoxes and a mathematical approach that avoids them.
The talk is part of a series on mathematical infinity organized by Paolo Mancosu. There's a talk by Jean-Michel Salanskis on the same day.
Feel free to register for the live or online meeting.

Inspired by current events :( and the Belgian contender for 1987 "Soldiers of love" (other than the title, the song's in Dutch)

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The soldiers in the corps
march in rows, distant such
that their hands couldn't touch
in casual caress.
Bullets of tenderness
are useless in this war.

(Today's for was )

When Mary was given the key
to leave her black n' white room and see
the color
she shrugged and said:
it's nothing new to a girl like me.


Column (in Dutch) 

Deze maand gaat mijn column voor Eos-magazine over de vraag of wetenschap de waarheid steeds dichter benadert.
The column is an introduction to a Synthese-paper I co-authored with Leander Vignero: "Degrees of riskiness, falsifiability, and truthlikeness - A neo-Popperian account applicable to probabilistic theories". :OpenAccess:

Hey math/stats Fedi: Does anyone out there know if a historical account has been written of the development of the idea of a population in in the early 20thC?

I've read that it was Fisher who first developed the distinction between a statistic calculated on a sample and the parameters we are trying to estimate in the underlying hypothetical population. But that was an aside, and not in a real work on the history of statistics... :boost_requested:

post-pandemic hairdo 

Not to say that I'm a vampire, but not having to sit in front of a mirror while making small talk sure pleases me, so I'll keep cutting my own hair even after the pandemic. 🧛‍♀️ 💇‍♀️

Turns out I misremembered the prompt, oops. 😳 It was , which works, too. ☀️

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OA in Philosophy: input welcome 

In the past 5 years, I was a member of the Belgian Young Academy, where I learned a lot about Open Access. It convinced me of the need for more diamond OA. 💎:OpenAccess: (See e.g. this response to Plan S from 2018

The Philosophy faculty where I work now seems receptive to help foster diamond OA. 😃 So, I would like to compile a document with ethical publishing practices, links to diamond OA Philosophy journals, etc.
Pointers welcome! 📥

daytime walk / #nature 

Plenty of work to do & behind on everything due to computer trouble (luckily fixed now). Decided to go for a midafternoon walk anyway because of the sunny weather and, well, I could use it. Got to pet the neighbour's dog: a pup with crazy amounts of energy. On the way back, there was a buzzard soaring in front of a cloud that blocked most of the sun, causing iridescence and sun rays. It was quite magnificent, really. Unexpected & just what I needed. :BatteryFull:

I made some owl sketches today. This one I finished digitally.

Opinions please!

I'm the lead developer for an open-source project, Numbas (

We have a mailing list on google groups for support and discussion, but I'd like something (1) not hosted by google, and (2) a bit more real-time.

It should have archives visible to the public, and ideally be indexed by search engines.

Zulip seems ideal, but public channels aren't search indexed. Other options ticking fewer boxes are Discord, Discourse, or Matrix.

Any other suggestions?

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