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My shadow on the world map
transforms familiar places
into unknown shores
like a moonless night

is potent magic

I imagine the people
stranded on terra incognita
must find their fire within
like dragons


We went for a walk in the sun and before the last homestretch, we rested a few minutes in the shadow beneath a big linden tree. The crown was abuzz with pollinators, mainly bumblebees, and it felt like stepping into one of the microfictions by @rob_haines. 🐝

Aesop told us of the ant
keeping busy in the Sun
all Summer
in its tiny black vest
soaking up its ,

but he failed to mention
the only thing that lasted
all Winter
were fabulous memories
of the grasshopper's song.


funeral music 

Badalamenti's intro music for Twin Peaks was just on the radio and it gave me a flashback to the funeral of an uncle. The song was played during his church service, which was intensely weird.

Accurate temperature sensors, non-linear avalanche effects on diodes, and even just recording the background radiation, could all make for good true random number generators.

But they will never be as cool as a project that generates random numbers through bananas (well, technically through the random decay process of potassium atoms in bananas, but you get the point). And it even comes with a 3D printed banana holder! 🍌

Looking at scars, affectively
seeing old wounds, objectively
perspectival feeling
new viewpoint that healing
continues imperfectively.

for ()

Our country borders the North Sea
but this water has no notion
of being cut from the ,
stretches as far as we can see.


I was out walking, lost in thought, and paid little attention to where I was going. Imagine my surprise when I found myself in the Library of Unwritten Books.
I wasn't allowed to read any of my own unwritten books, but I read one of yours.
It was really good. You should write it.
#MicroFiction #SmallStories #TootFic

Today is my birthday, so please send more insect pics than usual

Me: bird place is too addictive *moves here* 🎒
Also me: well, yes, I'd like a pet dragon wit that 🤩 *plays chest bot to make top-5*

Silence is brittle,
shattered by the slightest crack.
Mere absence of sound is devoid
of books soaked in wisdom
and readers cloaked in patience.

The windows of the quiet library
are open; when the Summer breeze
carries excitement from downtown
distant voices affirm its serenity.
is resilient.


One of my PhD students, Leander Vignero, made a model in which some 'pragmatic speakers use this range to mislead others (without lying outright), while the listeners try to see through this weaseling.

His paper just appeared online with Erkenntnis: "Updating on Biased Probabilistic Testimony - Dealing with Weasels Through Computational Pragmatics".


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You may have seen studies that test how experts evaluate verbal expressions of uncertainty, such as (very) likely, in terms of probability values.
Image source:

One robust finding is that most probabilistic expressions may correspond with a wide range of probability values. 1/2

Dutch scientists call
their samples 'monsters' and I
think that's beautiful.

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Writer: You should only write what you know.
Me: Okay, good advice.
Philosopher: The wise man knows that he knows nothing.
Me: Well, shit.

When your day comes
you will find what it is,
not a flag to be captured
nor a flower to be plucked,
but to be alive in a meadow of time.
To be an unwinnable sand castle
and to blossom irrevocably
let the day you.


9 June talk by Jenann Ismael Leuven+online 

On Thursday at 5pm (Brussels time) Jenann Ismael ( will give the talk:
“Nowhere Else but in the Here and Now”;
Temporality, incompressibility, and creativity in human action.

More info:

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