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Yesterday, I saw a 1-click install file for running Stable Diffusion locally. I couldn't resist trying it. It didn't work (anymore). I've now been using cmd line Anaconda for many hours (which initially ran into the same problem), had to play towers of Hanoi with some of the bigger folders on my drives to find space, and I'm still not close to generating a single image. The sunk cost fallacy is strong in this one. 😅

✨ Tada ! 🎉

Mon webcomic « Contra Chrome » vient de sortir en version française :


Sous-titre : Comment le navigateur de #Google devint une menace pour la vie privée et la #démocratie.

Avec à l'affiche, Shoshana Zuboff, des piranhas végans, et tout ce que vous avez toujours voulu savoir sur #Chrome sans jamais oser le demander !

À lire et télécharger gratuitement — j'espère que vous aimerez ! ☺️

Et s'il vous a plu, partagez-le autour de vous ! :boost_ok:


Pseudonyms all the way down 

I added the book to the "fiction and popular culture" section on the Wikipedia page for Empress Dowager Cixi, so now the author is at least mentioned there (although without a reference link for now).

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Pseudonyms all the way down 

Today, I decided to look up the book and the author. I found the Dutch version has been republished in a 'world literature' series, but almost nothing on George Lancing: no Wikipedia page. Hm... 🤔
Then I found that GL a pseudonym of Bluebell M. Hunter. 🧐
And that is the "Working name of Matilda Angela Antonia Hunter (1877-1960)" according to
She doesn't have a Wikipedia page either. ☹️
But she wrote SF&F! More to read after this novel!!! 😃

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During our holidays, I picked up a novel bound in yellow leather. The Dutch title is 'Chinese Decamerone' and the original title was 'Lotus Blossom'. The main character is Empress Dowager Cixi, who is described as a person with female beauty and male cruelty and strength. She dresses up as a boy at least twice to achieve her goals (I'm halfway through).
It was written by Lan Tso Chi, which is a Chinese transliteration/pseudonym of George Lancing. Or is it? [tbc]

Journaling for a child 

When I was pregnant, I wrote a journal with letters to my unborn child. It was nice to use his name, which we hadn't told anyone yet. I kept up the journal when he was a baby and a toddler. It's so weird to have no memories of our first years, so I want to pass on my memories of our life together for when he'll be big enough.
The pace of letters has been dwindling, but today (his first day in 5th year elementary school), I wrote a few pages about last year and our Summer. 💌

writing tip: instead of using biweekly, which can be interpreted as twice per week or once every other week, use less ambiguous phrasing, like 3.307μHz or 0.827μHz respectively

"Your destiny is not reachable with your preferences"
Quite poetic, gps warning.

The sudden realization that it's Thursday evening when you've been signing all afternoon e-mails with "Good weekend". ¯\_ (ツ)_/¯

It will get well below 30°C (86°F) tomorrow and I'm so looking forward to it.

When my son put on a reading light last night, I noticed this Lego skyline on the wall.


Happy international day to those who celebrate. 🧭 We completed a short Minion-themed tour today and passed our 300th find. It was a warm day, so nice to walk in the forest.

Looking into solar panels for our house, but I don't want the company to get data about our electricity usage. Are there any privacy-friendly brands of converters?

Evening walk 

It was a hot day again. We went for a walk around sunset: it was still T-shirt weather. We met a couple of which I'd met the guy during a lockdown-walk on what turned out to be the day before his cancer diagnosis. Meanwhile he has been treated and considered healed.

It was dark after our chat but we continued, despite the large cloud behind us. Lightning started on our way back, the rain not much after that. We were completely soaked before we got home. I loved every minute of it.

Just reading the Wikipedia page of Olivia Newton-John's grandfather, Max Born, Nobel prize-winning physicist. I love this quote:

"I believe that ideas such as absolute certitude, absolute exactness, final truth, etc. are figments of the imagination which should not be admissible in any field of science. On the other hand, any assertion of probability is either right or wrong from the standpoint of the theory on which it is based. This loosening of thinking (Lockerung des Denkens) seems to me to be the greatest blessing which modern science has given to us. For the belief in a single truth and in being the possessor thereof is the root cause of all evil in the world."

Muscle aches from playing Lego 

Our 9yo got two massive barrels of unsorted Lego, with three building manuals for castles. Our living room is now one massive sorting and building ground. I have actual muscle aches from reaching down for hours. Summer holidays achievement unlocked, I guess? 😆
The third castle is almost done, but lots more bricks remain on the floor. It looks like there's at least one more castle in there, two tipis, one or two bionicles, two boats, a plane, and so many cars...

My @SummerSchool presentation is tomorrow, I'm looking forward to sharing my thinking about some recent work with everyone!

I'm at 09:00UTC -

Sign up link:

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