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Wayne Gibbons @TheWayneGibbons@scholar.social

Looks like a great day for the people of Ireland today! So proud that on this issue (and marriage equality 3 yeas ago), sound reasoning, common sense and not least compassion, have won the day. Hey, UK: that’s how you do a referendum.

Anyone on here gonna be at the RAISE conference in Sheffield this September?

When will the message get through?

3 headlines from a single page of yesterday's Guardian. Anyone buying a diesel car now must surely be aware of their own shortsightedness?

Time to get serious about Electric vehicles.

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if a website says "please turn off adblock" i just leave the website

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Leviathan Wakes. I'm almost finished it, and it's been very good so far. There's a related series out on Netflix now too (called The Expanse), which I made the mistake of watching. Not that the TV show is bad, but within the first half hour it had diverged from the storyline of the book, and I was getting confused. Might go back to the TV show after I've finished the book.

Any Sci-fi book recommendations??

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I think the audio editing features are limited in Anchor, so I want to experiment a little with audio editing my microcasts. I thought the best way to do this was to share a few casts where I try out different editing apps, to see how it all goes.

In this episode I created the audio using GarageBand and Hokusai, all using just my iPhone.

Feedback welcome!


@dajbelshaw sorry, hit send before finishing the last toot! Could you double check the link and/or send it in a DM to me please? Thanks.

@dajbelshaw Hi Doug. I like your Patreon page. Just a query: the link to the rss podcast feed that was sent to me after I signed up doesn’t seem to work on any of my podcast apps.

A very rare and proud day for Irish Rugby yesterday. They not only won the championship in style, they were truly deserving winners of the Grand Slam.

@dajbelshaw @daibarnes Hi guys. Just to let you know, the audio on the latest TIDE is spot on! The tone and volume is very balanced between the two of you, best I’ve heard yet!

Thank you for your patience! We've fixed the audio in the second half of Ep.97 and re-uploaded it.

Wait until you see [FIXED] next to the episode number in your podcast client!


@dajbelshaw Hi Doug. Just came across an app that your son might like (I heard you mentioning he likes making music, and his intro to your Microcast is great). It’s called NodeBeat, and it has just been made free in the App Store. It’s simple, fun and kinda trippy! I’ll most likely do my own intro with it. nodebeat.com/