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Anyone here using Tung to listen to podcasts? What’s the story with it? Any good?

Have to say, Star Wars Episode 8 is a bit better on second viewing.

Mastodon is lumped into a “fad” category of apps in this article by The Verge: theverge.com/platform/amp/2017

What you think?

Have most on here migrated back to Twitter, as claimed by The Verge?

Personally, I never left Twitter to come over to Mastodon, so I have a door in both camps still.

@dajbelshaw Hi Doug. How is it going at Moodle? I know you said it might be a while away yet, but I’d be keen to know how badge integration with Moodle might pan out. In my early experiments issuing badges through Moodle, it was a painful experience. The OBF plug in helps, but there’s lots of room to improve the issuing mechanics built into Moodle.

Who remembers these??

Found out that they’ve been reissued in box sets, so had to get some as an Xmas pressie for my son/myself.


Thinking of getting an Electric Vehicle? You’re bound to have questions. I had lots of questions when I was researching my purchase, and in the spirit of sharing, I compiled all my questions and the answers I found into a single article.


Hope you find it helpful, and feel free to drop me a line if you have any specific questions.

@dajbelshaw @daibarnes Hi guys. You might remember I mentioned a funny bass noise while listening to TIDE a few months back. Well, glad to say, I got it solved. It was down to the speakers in my car, so I did the sensible thing and bought a new car. Well worth it to hear TIDE in all its glory!

Badges badges badges. I’ve just finished my “starter pack” of digital badges for my EdD research project. Pleased with how they look. I did the graphics myself, so it’ll be interesting to see if the students have any feedback on the visual aspect later on. I stuck in a few “mystery badges” too, because I’d like the students to come up with some ideas to add to the pack as it evolves.

@dajbelshaw On a related note, I've just spotted my ugly mug in a photo in Badge News #15 !!

@dajbelshaw Hi Doug. I've been looking for articles linking motivation to gamification and badges. The "recent articles" section in Badge News is excellent, but have ye considered putting this into one big list on the Badge Wiki page? It would be great to be able to see all of them in one place instead of browsing back through many individual Badge Newsletters. If they were searchable, even better!

Electric Vehicles

Who has one?

Anyone with opinions and advice to share?


So, has the birdsite changed the T&C again??? I read something yesterday about ownership of tweets. I *think* it means that no matter what you tweet (inc. original artwork/photos), you hand ownership to the Big T. Pretty crap for anyone sharing their own artwork there. Will this be the last straw and boost Mastodon numbers?

I just discovered the hashtag on Instagram. Very good, well worth a look.

@dajbelshaw @daibarnes Interesting to hear you’re using Path. I tried it out a few years back, as an alternative to Facebook. Didn’t know many users, so deleted it. I looked at it again about a year ago, but at first glance the privacy and data protection looked similar to the more dubious side of Facebook. Has the privacy aspect improved, or is it a price worth paying which isn’t worth paying in Facebook?

Know anyone interested in a free online course about Web 2.0 stuff?

I'm involved in an upcoming one called "Rudai23", which is based on the "23 Things" format. You can find out more abiut it here: rudai23.blogspot.ie/2017/07/ru

This will be the second time we're running the course, and this time around, are being used for certification!

@dajbelshaw you’ll have to add Tour Dates section on your blog! Just saw that you’re in Dublin today. I might have been able to get to that.

To question too deeply is to find an answer you don’t want.