Delighted to be presenting my doctoral research at the OE Global 2020 Conference this afternoon. Here is the slide deck I'll be using:

For anyone interested in , go and check out the “Being Civil” podcast. It’s based around interviews with recent and not-so-recent graduates, but should appeal to anyone who wants great insights into the life of a Civil Engineer. Link:

I'm helping define the product manager role in a co-op, so I'm looking for examples from other organisations that are either co-operatives, or have consent-based decision making approaches.

Difficult to find many other than via Co-op Digital, but perhaps I'm looking in the wrong place? 🤔

(help and boosts appreciated!)

Even though it’s been “official” since March, it finally feels “real” now that I’ve gotten my hands the cert (delayed a few months due to you-know-what). No pomp, ceremony, or fancy gown. Just a parchment in the post. This is what photos look like these days, I guess!

If you know anyone interested in , point them towards my new series.

There’s not much out there giving voice to civil engineers, so it has been great to catch up with some graduates so that they can tell their story.

My doctoral thesis has just been published. If you’re interested in and how they play a role in the delivery and impact of an undergraduate module, have a read! You can find it at

I passed my Viva last Tuesday. Forgot to mention it in here (sorry Mastodon, I’ve been neglecting you). Very pleased with the outcome, after almost 4 years of researching the roles, implementation and impacts of digital open badges with undergrad students.

For everyone who knew @daibarnes and would like to mark his untimely passing, we're planning a memorial episode of the TIDE podcast.

Please use this SpeakPipe link to record your message directly, and we'll include it in the episode:

#RIPDai #barefootfordai

(boosts appreciated)

@dajbelshaw Have you come across an app called “Stoop”? Just heard about it today. It’s a newsletter reading app. Looking forward to digesting Thought Shrapnel on it tomorrow morning.

@dajbelshaw @daibarnes Just finished the latest TIDE. Entertaining and informative as usual. But the burning question: how was the cake??? 🎂

@dajbelshaw Congratulations to Andy Burnham for his role in Thought Shrapnel this week.

I’m currently working in a project to inform and educate people about Electric Vehicles. If you’re thinking of getting one, check out the project website for some real and honest information.

Irish politics 

Budget day today. Looks like carbon tax increases have been scrapped. What a shameful situation, coming just 1 day after the IPCC said carbon taxes are the most pragmatic way to address climate change. Government buying votes because they're afraid of the diesel driver revolt. Disgraceful. When we had such great success politically recently (same sex marriage and repealed abortion laws), this is a backwards step for our wee country.

software tips needed! 

Agenda for today: do some statistical analysis on survey data.

Anyone got tips on how to use SPSS?

@daibarnes You might get a giggle out of the IMDB rating for This Is Spinal Tap.....

@dajbelshaw Have you seen the Cluster app? Came across it by chance this morning and it looks like it might be a good replacement for Path.

@dajbelshaw @daibarnes Finished the latest episode on the train yesterday. Very enjoyable. I like the way you didn't dwell too much on the change of instance.

I also liked the part where Dai tuned out for a while! Very comical re-enrty to the conversation.

That quote from This Is Spinal Tap went through my head yesterday morning, by coincidence. What an excellent film. They also released a film made up of the bits from the cutting room floor, and its just as good as the original.

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