For everyone who knew @daibarnes and would like to mark his untimely passing, we're planning a memorial episode of the TIDE podcast.

Please use this SpeakPipe link to record your message directly, and we'll include it in the episode:

#RIPDai #barefootfordai

(boosts appreciated)

@dajbelshaw Have you come across an app called “Stoop”? Just heard about it today. It’s a newsletter reading app. Looking forward to digesting Thought Shrapnel on it tomorrow morning.

@dajbelshaw @daibarnes Just finished the latest TIDE. Entertaining and informative as usual. But the burning question: how was the cake??? 🎂

@dajbelshaw Congratulations to Andy Burnham for his role in Thought Shrapnel this week.

I’m currently working in a project to inform and educate people about Electric Vehicles. If you’re thinking of getting one, check out the project website for some real and honest information.

Irish politics 

software tips needed! 

@daibarnes You might get a giggle out of the IMDB rating for This Is Spinal Tap.....

@dajbelshaw Have you seen the Cluster app? Came across it by chance this morning and it looks like it might be a good replacement for Path.

@dajbelshaw @daibarnes Finished the latest episode on the train yesterday. Very enjoyable. I like the way you didn't dwell too much on the change of instance.

I also liked the part where Dai tuned out for a while! Very comical re-enrty to the conversation.

That quote from This Is Spinal Tap went through my head yesterday morning, by coincidence. What an excellent film. They also released a film made up of the bits from the cutting room floor, and its just as good as the original.

@daibarnes @dajbelshaw The latest TIDE just landed in my podcast player. Haven't listened yet, but having read the description, I'm really looking forward to listening on my journey back home from Sheffield later today. I've been here for the past 3 days at a conference on student engagement, and so far I've only heard one other person mention Mastodon. Naturally, I put my Masto handle on my last slide!

Got my conference for in over the next few days. What’s additional pleasing is that the term “badge” has another dimension for me, because I’ll be presenting a workshop on tomorrow. This will be based on my experience and findings so far as part of my doctoral study into designing and implementing an open badges scheme as a potential learner motivation device.

This time next week I'll be getting ready to present at the conference in . Can't wait to discuss my work on and offer some guidance for those looking to start using them.

Just trying this . I’m not normally a fan of IPA, I find it’s usually too heavy and grapefruity for my taste. This one, though, is really good. 5.2% but very drinkable. @daibarnes Hi guys. Enjoyed the most recent TIDE. I took the personality test, and apparently I’m an Executive. Same as Dwight Schrute. Yikes.

Looks like a great day for the people of Ireland today! So proud that on this issue (and marriage equality 3 yeas ago), sound reasoning, common sense and not least compassion, have won the day. Hey, UK: that’s how you do a referendum.

Anyone on here gonna be at the RAISE conference in Sheffield this September?

When will the message get through?

3 headlines from a single page of yesterday's Guardian. Anyone buying a diesel car now must surely be aware of their own shortsightedness?

Time to get serious about Electric vehicles.

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