Just trying this . I’m not normally a fan of IPA, I find it’s usually too heavy and grapefruity for my taste. This one, though, is really good. 5.2% but very drinkable.

@TheWayneGibbons What kind of beers do you typically prefer? I know quite a few people who dislike American IPAs for the over-the-top qualities you mention, but for whom English-style IPAs are ideal. Moderate ABV. Malty. More concise hop bite instead of those sprawling estates of citrus and pine American versions aspire to (and which many people love). What was this one like?

@TayDuMuc it was very easy to drink! That’s a subjective thing, but for me that means little to no grapefruit notes. I also find that as ABV goes up, it becomes more of a sipping experience, but this one didn’t come across as 5.2 on the palate.

My preference changes with my mood. Lately I’ve been on a red ale buzz, but during the hot days I had a couple of ciders. I also don’t mind Guinness as a reliable one when feeling less adventurous.

How about you?

@TheWayneGibbons When it comes to IPA, I actually prefer the high ABV ones with a bit more malt presence. What I don't care for are the IPAs that come across like hop water. They just seem like experiments in sensory endurance.

As I get older (late middle age), I tend to want to sip an interesting, high-ABV beer or two more than have a real drinking session. I find Belgian triples and some Maibocks are good for that.

If I am session drinking, I'd go with a good ESB when available.

@TheWayneGibbons Of course, being here in , options are a bit limited. Not nearly as much as they used to be, but still limited. Interestingly, it's the Belgian beers that have made the most inroads here. The Belgian government seems to be very supportive of them.

@TayDuMuc I’m in early middle age, I think. I’m certainly not the session drinker I once was, but that’s more due to circumstance than choice!

You’re right, a few nice beers is a better experience than a skin full of bad beer. Almost all the beer I drink these days is in the home. For the odd night out, I’d tend towards Guinness if in a traditional pub, and a craft red ale (“Bay Ale” by the Galway Brewing Company is especially good) if available.

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