When will the message get through?

3 headlines from a single page of yesterday's Guardian. Anyone buying a diesel car now must surely be aware of their own shortsightedness?

Time to get serious about Electric vehicles.

@RunningInCircles Fair enough. I guess the garages need to make the leasing more attractive for non-diesel cars, and then people will have an option. I just hope that we don't get a glut of "failed" diesels in Ireland now from the UK (the traditional dumping ground for used cars).

Leasing exists for electric vehicles too. I know people who have worked out that the PCP repayment on a new EV works out about the same as the the savings in fuel compared to petrol/diesel.

@RunningInCircles true, but hopefully costs will go down in time (the sooner the better). 2nd hand EVs are comparable in cost even now, though. Compare something like 2015/16 Nissan Leaf with a similarly aged Ford Focus, and you might be surprised! But, yes, it will be a few more years before EVs are available at the £3-5,000 price bracket.

@RunningInCircles Absolutely. EVs are just not available yet for really tight budgets. There's no such thing as a banger EVs in the same way you can pick up a small car for 5-600 and run it for 6 months before starting again. You're right, though, I'm speaking from a point of privilege, where €200 a month in repayments is doable for me.

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