@dajbelshaw Have you come across an app called “Stoop”? Just heard about it today. It’s a newsletter reading app. Looking forward to digesting Thought Shrapnel on it tomorrow morning.

@daibarnes You might get a giggle out of the IMDB rating for This Is Spinal Tap.....

Got my conference for in over the next few days. What’s additional pleasing is that the term “badge” has another dimension for me, because I’ll be presenting a workshop on tomorrow. This will be based on my experience and findings so far as part of my doctoral study into designing and implementing an open badges scheme as a potential learner motivation device.

Just trying this . I’m not normally a fan of IPA, I find it’s usually too heavy and grapefruity for my taste. This one, though, is really good. 5.2% but very drinkable.

When will the message get through?

3 headlines from a single page of yesterday's Guardian. Anyone buying a diesel car now must surely be aware of their own shortsightedness?

Time to get serious about Electric vehicles.

Leviathan Wakes. I'm almost finished it, and it's been very good so far. There's a related series out on Netflix now too (called The Expanse), which I made the mistake of watching. Not that the TV show is bad, but within the first half hour it had diverged from the storyline of the book, and I was getting confused. Might go back to the TV show after I've finished the book.

Any Sci-fi book recommendations??

A very rare and proud day for Irish Rugby yesterday. They not only won the championship in style, they were truly deserving winners of the Grand Slam.

Who remembers these??

Found out that they’ve been reissued in box sets, so had to get some as an Xmas pressie for my son/myself.


@dajbelshaw@social.coop @daibarnes Hi guys. You might remember I mentioned a funny bass noise while listening to TIDE a few months back. Well, glad to say, I got it solved. It was down to the speakers in my car, so I did the sensible thing and bought a new car. Well worth it to hear TIDE in all its glory!

Badges badges badges. I’ve just finished my “starter pack” of digital badges for my EdD research project. Pleased with how they look. I did the graphics myself, so it’ll be interesting to see if the students have any feedback on the visual aspect later on. I stuck in a few “mystery badges” too, because I’d like the students to come up with some ideas to add to the pack as it evolves.

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