The students Carnegie Mellon University wrote a letter of solidarity with Uju Anya, after she was attacked for her tweets after a colonizers death:

It remains good news that such a major textbook (and its solutions manual!) is going to become available with an open license and digitally free to students. I don't want to belittle that.

But we need to be critical when we look at the relationships that bring about this textbook, and the ways that the existence of this textbook can be co-opted against the service of students - making money on the back of "open".

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A followup to my presentation; I blogged on the existence of the new OpenStax Organic Chemistry textbook.

From the perspective of those of us pursuing zero-textbook-cost in our courses, what OpenStax has negotiated with Cengage to get the McMurry Organic Chemistry license isn't an unambiguous good.

To see that, formulate a web search.

quite frankly bummed at how many of you missed me dunking on Pearson PLC

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About to do the zero-textbook-cost @SummerSchool presentation

If you're still in position to join late, DM for the link; happy to take questions from all folk

The talk is called "Towards zero-textbook-cost (ZTC) courses in the introductory physical sciences" and it's on the schedule for 1600 UTC/12:00 NN EDT. @SummerSchool

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So apparently I'm presenting at @SummerSchool tomorrow.

And the focus of the talk - taking a course sequence in the physical sciences and driving its cost to students down to zero - is now oddly relevant in the face of Pearson () announcing a plan for electronic textbooks as non-fungible tokens.

Sign up to attend and hear how one small-school prof fights back:

I backed a GoFundMe today. 

GoFundMe is a lousy excuse for health insurance, but when you're a trans man in the Central Appalachians pursuing top surgery, it's what you've got.

Sam and Colton are quizbowl alumni from my community, and they're quality people. Sam is the steward of the GoFundMe; Colton needs the surgery. If you're able to support, please do so.

I’m grateful - and I’m working to support the event with my own (bad tech company, but paid for) resources, because I want to help make the event as friction-free for everyone as possible.

When you talk about free and open source software, make your statements with accessibility for all in mind. And if you aren’t going to be part of the solution to a problem, don’t bother.

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Last boosts, with thanks to @bgcarlisle and @Cyborgneticz:

One of the things I’m going to talk about in my own Summer/Winter School talk is that much of the burden that falls upon students looking for textbooks is simply the effort of deciding where to spend their money most economically, and “free” relieves much of that burden.

We could say the same thing about running a free conference. The orgs make the decisions they do to make the program maximally accessible.

Alright so.
Someone got real rude to me and told me that they didn't go to my (free) talk last night cause it's on Zoom.

So - if you want @SummerSchool to have some FOSS things the best way to do that is to help us as organizers.

We reached out to some folks, and we couldn't afford their prices

And since we don't charge for the conference we only have our personal money to pay for things, so you know

So if you want to help out, when calls for volunteers for organizing comes - join!

For the record

Every year that we've done Summer / Winter School

A FOSS bro has harassed us

—Yes, Every year—

Because we used a free service like Google Forms or something made by a bad tech company

And this offended his sense of purity

Trans teens 

I’m the parent of a trans teen and they’re significantly more intelligent and thoughtful about gender than I was at 16. Everyone’s noticing that there are lots more trans teens at the moment (especially transmasc) and taking this to mean it’s a craze. Tamagotchi were a craze. This is young people taking care of themselves and supporting each other in very courageous ways. Whatever they each do next, the world is better for it.

I don't have many regrets about how I raised my child. But that silence is the biggest of them.

I can't be silent any more.

Here is an argument about what it means to be an evangelical Christian and affirming of LGBTQ+ individuals - and why I believe, ultimately, that affirmation is necessary.

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At the end of June 2022, a month that takes the name of Pride, in the aftermath of the death of my own queer child, I have to address a piece of writing that's been sitting in my drafts file for nearly five years.

Because it's been nearly five years since I made the decision that I needed to be accepting of all people of queer identities, without condition.

And, upon making that decision, I've spent the majority of my time being quiet about it.

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