A followup to my presentation; I blogged on the existence of the new OpenStax Organic Chemistry textbook.

From the perspective of those of us pursuing zero-textbook-cost in our courses, what OpenStax has negotiated with Cengage to get the McMurry Organic Chemistry license isn't an unambiguous good.

To see that, formulate a web search.

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It remains good news that such a major textbook (and its solutions manual!) is going to become available with an open license and digitally free to students. I don't want to belittle that.

But we need to be critical when we look at the relationships that bring about this textbook, and the ways that the existence of this textbook can be co-opted against the service of students - making money on the back of "open".

@Telias Yes, you did.

We need more of your small thinking as so much in open thinks too big.

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