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time! I've just started my Master's thesis, working on building and hopefully launching a ChipSat. Made this account for more specific academicposting, main at @RedFuture

Feel free to ask me space-related questions, I will almost definitely not know the answer but will enjoy the question with you!

Possibly looking for study/accountability pals, not sure yet though.


Time to tell people about myself again - all the cool kids are doing it!

Working on my MSc thesis, designing, building and launching a ChipSat! Also getting distracted by almost everything to do with space, and quite a lot not to do with space. Always interested in learning but chronically disorganised.

Leftist, anarchist, main at @RedFuture

Ask me space stuff - if I don't know the answer I'll have fun finding out, and it'll be a good excuse to procrastinate!

wait a sec 

Do conference papers count as papers I can put on my CV, or is that only journal papers?

Signal boost of indigenous reparations nonprofit

the Purim event I went to tonight supports Real Rent Duwamish, who are asking settlers on Duwamish land (Seattle and some of its suburbs) to pay rent to the tribe.

The idea rattled my white-passing privilege hard enough that I thought it was worth passing on to anyone on fedi who has spare money.

babby academia question, funding 

Hey, there a centralised place I can look at funding grants available, and check them for eligibility and requirements? I found a couple of places via 🦆 , just wondering if people had favourites or non-obvious recommendations

Particular interest in grants for stuff I can do from space (found NASA's program, for some reason can't see a list of grants from ESA anywhere though, although that might just be me missing it)

birdsite link, peer review shenanigans 

Suddenly reminded of that paper that proved Reviewer 2 is a benign and innocent patsy for Reviewer 3

Job post in #DigitalHumanities 

The call for interest is still open (deal. March 10) for positions of visiting professor and visiting scholar in at Ca' Foscari University, Venice, Italy. Post for vis. prof.:

C++, Boost, anger 

"// It should be safe to include `<version>` when it is present without checking
// the actual C++ language version as it consists solely of macro definitions."

Well, guess what, it's not safe, because all you do is:

#if defined(__cplusplus) && defined(__has_include)
# if __has_include(<version>)
# include <version>

... which picks up on any file named "version" in the include path. Like one in nanodbc library, which isn't meant to be included and doesn't parse as C/C++.

#Boost #C++

This Workshop is available to writers who identify as part of the African diaspora and who have a fully completed manuscript that a.) features Black protagonists, and that b.) focuses on a diverse central subject matter. The work must not be published in any other form and cannot be submitted to other programs designed to lead to publication.

CV Question 

and b) as I technically graduated the first year and that counts as an MSc (got a certificate and everything), do I list them seperately under the education bit?

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CV Question 

Updating my CV

Graduated from a taught MSc, spent some time submitting work to conferences and jobhunting, found out 2020 was 2020, returned to do second thesis/research year

The course is split so the thesis year is optional and selective, so it's not unknown to split it

but a) Do I just say "Graduated with [mark], spent time working on other projects before returning to begin research year" in the summary up top?

Neoliberalism interview 

Reading an interesting interview on neoliberalism as theology (broadly referring to the normative aspects of neoliberalism). Can be found at

@Cyborgneticz might enjoy this. Or might not! Is this Adam Kotsko guy full of shit? Should I put his book on my to-read list or scrub all mention of him from my brain?

CFP - Sex Education 

Looking for ' series of short, provocative essays on magical and adventurous topics that are marginalised or disavowed in gender and sexualities education research, policy or practice.'

internet ettiquite, boosts appreciated 

Is anyone else frustrated when someone vanishes from the place on the open web where you know them without leaving a note, and years later you find them on some closed site that you might have followed if you knew they were active there? I noticed it in the before times when I decided not to get a birdsite account because most bloggers who get birdsite accounts stop posting thoughtful things on the open web within a year.

Want to be an astronaut? 

Non-traditional careers encouraged!

Also of note is the Parastronaut programme, new this year, for those who have physical disabilities

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Want to be an astronaut? 

Shit ESA wants you to have:
- Master's degree
- Fluency in English, good knowledge of a second language (doesn't matter which one)
- Be highly motivated and keep calm under pressure
- 3 years professional post-grad experience
- Medical report from aviation doctor (submit with app)

Lots of stuff about how diversity is an asset, applications are open from the 1st of March to the 28th of May. Whole process takes 18 months. Apply online, look for more info at

Post-doc scolarship and looking for connections. 

Hi to all! I'm looking for a post-doc scolarship. I study aesthetics, philosophy of art, philosophy of music.
Are there any research groups in EU (or outside) that are interested in these fields of study? Anyone here interested in these topics?

Open Science job opportunity, UK-based 

STFC (Science & Technology Facilities Council) in the UK are recruiting an Open Science Services Manager in their Scientific Computing Dept

trypanophobia advice, vaccines 

I have massive trypanophobia and had to get some inoculations freshened up this winter, so here's what worked for me (note that I've known my doctor for AGES, so this might not work as well for everyone):
- On appointment day, I kept busy with things that kept my mind off it (I was at my mom's with both her and my partner, so I chatted a lot, but you couldbalso call a friend on the phone).
- When at the doctor's, I avoided looking at the needle and the preparations. I looked out of the window instead, watched birds or whatever else was happening there, and catalogued it on my mind while doing breathing exercises.
- When I was about to get the jab, I chatted up my doctor and asked her questions, you know, just made small talk until she was done.
- Long years of Vipassana practice also came in handy: I focussed on my breath flowing in and out. This keeps the heart rate steady, which in turn limits the emission of stress hormones into the bloodstream.

Getting stabbed with a needle is never a pleasant experience, but it was surprisingly chill this time.

You got this!

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