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I have a print date for my first book!

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A friendly reminder from an archivist:
1. If we ask you to wear a mask, WEAR IT.
2. Your failure to plan around your deadlines is not our problem
3. Sorry that our ability to pull things for you has slowed down. There is still a pandemic going on. There are no rush jobs or archival emergencies during a pandemic. Calm down.
4. I also know the editor of the journal you are writing for. Please stop assuming archivists don't also do their own scholarship.

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Hey academic folks:

I am currently in an intense reading phase and I find tons of interesting things I might want to quote later. After I've read something, I type out the relevant parts. Partly to have them digitally later and mostly to better remember them.

Now I have a lot of markdown files with quotes but no structure to look through them. Do you have any tools for that? Like assigning tags to quotes, so I can later pull up everything about a certain topic?

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my friend just lost a case and got fined 600.00kr. (aprox. $4.3k) for disobeying the police during a peaceful sit-in at the directorite of immigrations' office in protest to the deportation of refugees and asylum seekers. i'm organizing a fundraiser concert for him but also want to protest of the police, but have no experience with this kind of event.. hope it will turn put nicely. If you've ever done activism events, all tips are very welcome :Antifa:


Hello there!
I'm a first-year PhD student studying psychology in a small French-Canadian university. My thesis is about psychometrics and climate for LGBTQ2+ folks. I also do some work in fundamental cognition and reading. I absolutely don't consider myself an expert on any of this though, so feel free to point out my errors!

Other than that, I'm in my late 20s and trans, I like birds, video games, sweets, anime and drawing.

Looking forward to meeting you all! :)

Can someone recommend me a good introduction to social analysis networks? I'd like to understand its main units of measure so I can better interpret graphs

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E hoa mā - NZ Institute of Language, Brain & Behaviour has 3 grants needing postdocs now or soon, and we can't bring in people from overseas. We are considering broadening our search to NZ candidates from other fields who haven't necessarily worked on language before... (1/4)

There is a fucking paper on how to make takoyaki in microgravity holy shit

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Me: I should only spend time on the most relevant technical sessions for this online conference, they're only up for a limited time

Also me: I want to learn about ALL OF THE EVERYTHING

"Bard of Barnsley" Ian McMillan on t'other site:

I am The North.
I am various
I contain multitudes
Except when I am glimpsed
Through a long telescope
From The Seat of Power.
Then I am one terraced street
Where Batley
Is next door to Egremont
And I talk funny
And the cry comes:
‘Lock ‘em down, boys,
Lock ‘em down!’

For all those asking, I'm weighing up whether to adapt my current tiddlywiki (someone has probably written a bibtex integreation doodad thing), or get Zotero and have an extra thing to keep track of. Might try the former until I need to do the latter.

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i'm suspicious of smart people on the internet, because if they were really smart they wouldn't go on the internet, an activity fit only for clods and dunderheads such as myself

Is there some kind of journal club, or book discussion group?

Queer co-opting of the #ProudBoys hash-tag 


What's this about?:
from the article:
Members of the LGBT community have been making trend on social media by posting images of gay pride and pictures of themselves with loved ones.

white supremacy is scary, and this is, quite frankly, a fabulous rejoinder.

i told my students about FAT BEAR WEEK and encouraged them to vote in it

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I was going to update the experiment with new data once the instrument was updated (I do not know if this has happened or not) but I have just ghosted the entire fucking nation of Japan for months now and frankly I am scared to just send my old supervisor a poster, or try to login to my old account.

What should I do? Email and check in? Wait until it gets closer to the new time? Try to forget Japan exists? Suggestions welcome

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anxiety, science question, covid, How Badly Did I Fuck Up? 1/2 

So last summer (2019) I did an internship doing astronomy at JAXA. Did the work (badly, I was stressed and unprepared for everything), sent in my report, was told I should submit the abstract to present a poster to a conference in Tokyo. I did, then the conference got delayed a full year (because COVID).

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