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Agricultural Economics student out of Dalhousie University Faculty of Agriculture in Truro, Nova Scotia. Interests are in understanding Atl. Canadian agricultural systems and ways in which rural / agrarian identity is constructed and has value (both economic and socio-cultural) assigned to it.

Posts are some amounts going to boring agricultural meetings, research readings, and some bad opinions on anime and other media.

If the cost of an industry outweighs its benefits, we should get rid of it. But how do we quantify those costs and benefits?

"This article provides a path to an objective quantifiable metric for determining when an entire industry warrants the corporate death penalty."

Holiday timing, Academic semester Show more

Holiday timing, Academic semester Show more

pronouns, english grammar, gender (tiny thread) Show more

Economics thoughts, Behavioural economics Show more

... my parents sent me pictures of fruit which resemble genitalia they ran across during their vacation...

... being an agricultural student, even outside of the life sciences, is weird sometimes

Dunno how to do this as politely as I would want to.

My grandmother was an academic in the day, but she quite likely doesn't've the temperament to handle 35 pages of tax expenditure policy discussion.

When emailing one's grandmother, how does one communicate that about a paper they submitted to publication... while also letting them now that in general it's probbably too boring for them to want to read?

Odd moment of congruence between anime and academia Show more

Odd moment of congruence between anime and academia Show more

Spicy Behavioural Economics takes Show more

So...if I want to publish large blocks of tax expense information for different Canadian provinces online... does anyone have suggestions for a good, open source backend for handling the data?

I'd kinda leaning towards something I would host myself, but I've no real background in this kinda thing.


Just submitted my first paper to formal peer review.

I hope people think of it as... relevant.

Campus writing centre was super busy with students last night, ended up staying late.

Happy that this is the case, but... would be nice if this happened at a point before the last week of classes

Wrestling with poor-quality research / journals #predatoryjournalquery Show more

Wrestling with poor-quality research / journals Show more

Wrestling with poor-quality research / journals Show more

Wrestling with poor-quality research / journals Show more

does anyone know any anime heist films? structurally and thematically

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