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Agricultural Economics student out of Dalhousie University Faculty of Agriculture in Truro, Nova Scotia. Interests are in understanding Atl. Canadian agricultural systems and ways in which rural / agrarian identity is constructed and has value (both economic and socio-cultural) assigned to it.

Posts are some amounts going to boring agricultural meetings, research readings, and some bad opinions on anime and other media.

It's pretty disconcerting how many energy policy journals are owned by Elsevier. If anyone can recommend any alternatives, I'd be so grateful. Despite my librarian skills, I'm not finding a lot and I'm trying to avoid environmental law journals for the time being.

The intersection of economics, science-for-the-sake-of-it, and people having enough food to survive and thrive is pretty interesting.

The fact that the scientist in this article was female and worked for free (!) because the university refused to pay married scientists adds a certain feminist bent to the reading as well. I'm super glad the Japanese nori farmers honored her for her vital work and continue to do so.

Highly recommend:

Image of Shirtless BC Minister of Agriculture?, Tax Policy Research, FOIS 

The traditional method for forced rhubarb goes back nearly 200 years.

Rhubarb is planted in fields, fertilised well with manure, and left to grow pretty much wild for 2 years. During this time, it'll store a ton of energy in its roots as carbohydrates. Then at the start of Winter, the rhubarb is moved somewhere warm and completely dark.

In the darkness, the plants start to grow vivaciously, converting those carbs into sugars. As a result, it's sweeter and more tender than Summer rhubarb.

Also have my peer who's working on understanding these charitable incentives in BC presenting at the conference - will be great to meet in person for once.

My Canadian Ag Donation Tax Incentive paper was accepted to the poster session at the Sustainability: Transdiciplinary Theory, Practice, and Action conference - I'll be in Mississauga right around Canadian Thanksgiving.

Non-academic summer employment 

Non-academic summer employment 

Is it okay for me to watch Evangelion on Netflix if I'm ten years too young to have seen it on television like the rest of you nerds

Tax incentive research wierdness 

Unexpectedly frank research response, Econ, Tax Design 

Charitability and Tax Incentive Research 

Availability, Summer Employment 

Charitability Research, Data discrepencies 

US State Departments of Revenue / Taxation hold music ranking 

Econ, social group decision making, inequalities 

Why do I keep having the unreasonable expectation that in a volunteer meeting that we'll completel everything in the allocated hour.

Playing with microdata 

That feeling when your Excel spreadsheet is chugging as your using search functions to identify variables.

New Journal on Lucy Maud Montgomery and her works. 

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