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Agricultural Economics student out of Dalhousie University Faculty of Agriculture in Truro, Nova Scotia. Interests are in understanding Atl. Canadian agricultural systems and ways in which rural / agrarian identity is constructed and has value (both economic and socio-cultural) assigned to it.

Posts are some amounts going to boring agricultural meetings, research readings, and some bad opinions on anime and other media.

Today’s activity: estimating the total power output of US lemon production if you used them for lemon batteries (about 20kW)

Econ, Tax Incentive data research, research process vent 

After talking with my research colleague during the conference, have a plan on how to investigate some elements related to tax incentive participation, think I know what I might be playing with next...

... I get to look at some firefighter data...


Econ - Developmental Economics, RCT, Nobel Economic Award Criticism and Critique 

But late in posting this (as well, I was busy), but yesterday was the first public presentation of my tax expenditure research in a formal academic setting. So exciting to get feedback and interest.

Love transdisciplinary conferences.

Would be hard pressed to see household food waste and orbital debris in the same conference session normally.

Econ / Policy Research Process 

Econ / Policy Research Process 

Cooking Woes 

Fresh vegetables are a welcome distraction to studies.

Campus chef's garden is producing eggplants, cucumbers, and various greens at this point, although don't know what recent water / storm damage has been.

Going to an agricultural university is great, except for when you need to schedule food policy meetings in the provincial capital.

This province isn't even that big!

Literally the only punctuation marks that arent stressful in a text message are question marks, exclamation points, and commas. (Apostrophes are on thin ice). Anyone using any other punctuation is committing an act of cyber warfare and must be taken out

Finally back from summer in woods. School year means finishing up collation of US tax credit data, more maths, and continued observations of salads in anime.

It's pretty disconcerting how many energy policy journals are owned by Elsevier. If anyone can recommend any alternatives, I'd be so grateful. Despite my librarian skills, I'm not finding a lot and I'm trying to avoid environmental law journals for the time being.

The intersection of economics, science-for-the-sake-of-it, and people having enough food to survive and thrive is pretty interesting.

The fact that the scientist in this article was female and worked for free (!) because the university refused to pay married scientists adds a certain feminist bent to the reading as well. I'm super glad the Japanese nori farmers honored her for her vital work and continue to do so.

Highly recommend:

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