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Do we've any early 20th century Russia scholars on Mastodon?

Curious to see if I can get more context on Alexander Chayanov in reference to his Peasant Farm Organisation and On the Theory of Non-Capitalist Economic Systems.

More context on early 19th century Russian agrarian economists as a whole would be helpful also.

@WilliamConey I do history of religion, but I can take a look at sources if you have something specific.

More or less looking to see if there is anything else which is english language which talks about the agrarian institutes of that era and how they were trying to work outside of and parallel to neoclassical economics as developing. The translation of PFO I've found gives a limited amount.

Chayanov's stuff is limitedly interesting in trying to explain household agrarian decision making... but most use in the west subsequent seems to have taken out of purer econ settings.

@WilliamConey Nothing specific that I can help you with, I'm afraid. Terry Martin's "Affirmative Action Empire" does have a section on the 1920s-1930s collisions about land that led to the Holodomor, but that's the closest I know.

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