So...if I want to publish large blocks of tax expense information for different Canadian provinces online... does anyone have suggestions for a good, open source backend for handling the data?

I'd kinda leaning towards something I would host myself, but I've no real background in this kinda thing.

@WilliamConey Depending on what the requirements are for your project there's always Dat:

It's a peer-to-peer protocol that was originally designed for publishing large scientific data sets that change over time

@bgcarlisle It's kinda weird in a sense as it is technically public information and pursuing it the way that I can through ATIP requests that anyone could get the information... but still feel nervous about posting it to a broader public data site

@WilliamConey Ah okay so figuring out the ethics and the legality of posting something is always much trickier than figuring out the technical stuff ha

@bgcarlisle Thing is the provinces / Canadian federal government could simply be publishing this information under open data protocols as is true under most other jurisdictions... but they aren't.


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