Image of Shirtless BC Minister of Agriculture?, Tax Policy Research, FOIS 

Econ, social group decision making, inequalities 

Playing with microdata 

Research Process - Ag Econ / Sociology 

Note, better (i.e. made more silly, for lack of more recent data).

The... citation gets better as I include a note to specifics of said letter in the table.

APA Citations are delightful

God bless this chonky boi

Wholesome AF, especially when I try to include clear reference to who the sources are, as this will be in a table and not a narrative text where I can describe who's providing the data more intelligibly

Birb Site Project, Salad, Anime 

Tax Data, Public Transparency in Finance 

labour market, anime 

Froebel's Gifts, anime, childhood development 

Anime, biology, child-handling question 

Nolstalgia, Anime 

Importance of Editors, Anime 

Endlessly bemused by the categories I see when searching something up in the University of Vermont's digital archives

(My search term was "maple")

Spicy Behavioural Economics takes 

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