International markets and small French wine producers Show more

International markets and small French wine producers Show more

Missouri Department of Revenue has unexpectedly good hold music

Note, better (i.e. made more silly, for lack of more recent data).

The... citation gets better as I include a note to specifics of said letter in the table.

APA Citations are delightful

God bless this chonky boi

Wholesome AF, especially when I try to include clear reference to who the sources are, as this will be in a table and not a narrative text where I can describe who's providing the data more intelligibly

I'm not happy about burning potential research relations, but there isn't really anyway to go about with those from future points without sharing the aggregate data sets, which isn't likely to impress

Curious if I should move from my research pissing off just farmers to both farmers and hunters

Birb Site Project, Salad, Anime Show more

Birb Site Project, Salad, Anime Show more

@Cyborgneticz degloving accidents are the things I have nightmares about, considering the literature on agricultural safety

Anime, nolstalgia Show more

Tax Data, Public Transparency in Finance Show more

Data entry today on more tax information I have - hopefully by the end of the day I'll have a clear sense of which US states I need to be bothering in order to get their data.

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