I have finally blogged about the European Conference on Academic Integrity and Plagiarism:
(with links to Day 2 and Day 3). Sorry this took so long!

Next step: Künstliche Intelligenz #KI misst #Emotionen in #Videokonferenz

Die Gefahr besteht nicht darin, dass die KI sich irrt (das tut sie aktuell ständig) oder dass Emotionen erfasst werden (machen wir ständig), sondern dass wir Menschen uns nur zu gerne auf solche Resultate verlassen - aus Bequemlichkeit oder Dummheit

So wird es kommen.
#AI? Zu dumm.


Grading Rant 

Found out that a small number of students has been submitting plagiarized programs (copying solutions from the internet) to my intermediate programming lecture.

Now if have to sit down with these students, try to make them understand what they did wrong, and figure out appropriate course of actions. That is super annoying and not something I wanted to waste the little time I have on

At least the one student who copied programs with variable names in Slovenian was kinda amusing

I teach a weekly reflection session for bachelor students in IT doing a 16-week work placement. Some comments from today:

* An 8-hour day is really tiring!
* I don't eat lunch with my colleagues, I prefer to eat and watch YouTube
* My boss makes sexist jokes
* I was done with my tasks so I just surfed until my colleagues were done
* We don't have meetings in our office
* We have so many meetings, some days I only work one hour

I am rather concerned about the workplace situation...

1. Buy expired NPM maintainer email domains.
2. Re-create maintainer emails
3. Take over packages
4. Submit legitimate security patches that include package.json version bumps to malicious dependency you pushed
5. Enjoy world domination.

Exhausted and happy after 3 intensive days at the hybrid European Conference on Academic Integrity 2022 in Porto! So many good discussions, interesting research, good gossip and great food! Blog report hopefully done tomorrow.

New people, welcome to Mastodon and the Fediverse!

Here's how to get started:

1. Find some people to follow over on @FediFollows, and through Trunk (communitywiki.org/trunk)

2. Find out your Mastodon/Fediverse address so you can share it with friends (mstdn.social/@feditips/1072482)

3. Invite people to join you on here by telling them to go to joinmastodon.org and click on "Get Started". It doesn't matter if they join a different server because the servers talk to each other (here's a bit more of an explanation mstdn.social/@feditips/1070214)

4. Find out what the Fediverse is (mstdn.social/@feditips/1070440)

5. Find out why Mastodon being on so many different servers/instances is a really good thing (mstdn.social/@feditips/1070837)

6. If you see anything nasty, you can report it to your friendly server admin (mstdn.social/@feditips/1065401)

7. You can (sort of) verify your account if you own a website (mstdn.social/@feditips/1062741)

If you have any questions, @ me or DM me!

#MastoTips #FediTips #Mastodon

For @pelagikat @bgcarlisle and others whose research might need some R programs:

A simple change to make your R programs future-proof.

“Over the past year I have learned a few things that made me more concerned about R's reproducibility […] I will mention three things.

“Most posted R scripts apparently don't even run. […]

“Come think of it: this is a big pain in the Rs for books. […]

“Personal Experience with abandoned packages.”


Just read on the bird site that
@mkerres published: "Education after the Pandemic: What We Have (Not) Learned about Learning" mit @Josef_Buchner


It discusses many research results around “Emergency Remote Teaching” and E-Learning during the pandemic and what this means for education now.

Related to a post I made a day or two ago about burnout being moral injury, here is an anonymous article by a faculty member declaring "Academic Chapter 11"--which, for those not in the US, means a kind of bankruptcy.


From the bird site @soundmanufaktur: New book about plagiarism in Germany: "Plagiate in der Wissenschaft - Wie »VroniPlag Wiki« Betrug in Doktorarbeiten aufdeckt", transcript Verlag (@transcriptweb) Bielefeld 2022, ISBN: 978-3-8376-6258-0.


I will be speaking on May 5 at the European Conference on Academic Integrity organized by ENAI in Porto (academicintegrity.eu/conferenc): "See you in court! German court decisions about
doctoral degrees revoked for plagiarism"
The conference will be held hybrid, in person and streamed. The program is now online and registrations are still possible!

And more about my plagiarism work can be found in this interview from this week at my university: campus-stories.htw-berlin.de/i

My recent paper from 2020 with colleagues about our test of text similarity software: Testing of support tools for plagiarism detection:

"The sobering results show that although some systems can indeed help identify some plagiarized content, they clearly do not find all plagiarism and at times also identify non-plagiarized material as problematic."

Well, I made it over here! Don't know too many accounts here, though :)

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