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It seems that so far only Berkeley and MIT have their own instances. What I don't understand is why so many academic institutions and organizations that are supposed to be against click economy (ok, ok, I know they are never truly about the emancipatory cause) kept making pathetic attempts to fight for attention on mainstream social media instead of supporting the Fediverse.

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I first joined Mastodon in Sept 2021. I was increasingly appalled by the algorithm-determined timeline and curious to see whether the alternative would work. Around the same time, a large number of Chinese users discovered Mastodon because of the increasing tightening control in China-based social media platforms.
I now enjoy my experience at a Chinese language instance so much that I am desiring the same for my work and life beyond the Chinese language environment.

Heading to Odense for the conference "Aesthetics of Machine Vision."

This would be the first time I present my work on China's Digital Countryside at a conference. Really excited.

Of course I am promoting Fediverse in my classes.

When I finished my lecture today, a student came to me, asking about my mastodon handle. He is a fellow Mastodoner!

Even though slowly, it is happening--young people care about privacy, data ownership, and decentralized network.

The students Carnegie Mellon University wrote a letter of solidarity with Uju Anya, after she was attacked for her tweets after a colonizers death:

Communication and Media Studies at York University is searching for an assistant professor doing critical AI and Data Studies work:

This includes scholars focusing on indigenous data practices, social justice, and critical studies of inequality due to AI.

I literally just joined Comm and Media Studies at York yesterday, but if I can answer any questions about this position, please feel free to DM me.

Boosts appreciated.

Many of us are busy giving some final touches to our syllabi.

I always find Shannon Mattern's open-access syllabi incredibly thoughtful and inspiring. Here is one particularly relevant to the beginning of a semester, a reflection on "Syllabus" in her graduate course "Redesigning the Academy":


"Like there’s this impossible, cruel demand, and people are either suffering from trying to meet it, or inflicting cruelty by doubling down on their methods of discipline and control."

A brilliant student introduced me to Xine Yao's amazing book Disaffected.

While reading her work, I stumbled upon this interview (folded in reply), a part of which almost moved me to tears.

And the whole piece is worthy of reading.

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Xine Yao:
"I’ve been thinking about the pedagogical aspects of unfeeling, and what it means in terms of our engagements with our students. Because we’re in a time when there’s so little in terms of emotional resources—or any resources for that matter. And what we’re seeing is that students need us to be resources of care, but also that we barely have enough care for ourselves. And as a result of this scarcity, you see many different types of cruelties manifest."

more and reference in replies

This is the schedule for the workshop I'm organizing next week! Boosts much appreciated. If you want to join us, in person or online, let me know. If you have questions, ask away 👇

If anyone wants to to help affectees of the flood in Pakistan, pls donate to this fundraiser.

It is organized by socialist-feminist collective with a long history of grassroots struggle.

I can vouch for the people behind it. They are always there in times of crisis, standing up to the militarized state dispossessing people of their land and their homes.

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Republicans: socialism never works.
Socialists: Norway is socialist and they’re doing great.
Republicans: they’re not socialist! They’re capitalist countries with strong welfare policies.
Socialists: then let’s adopt those policies.
Republicans: no that’s socialism.

@pfm I have a hard rule against green skyscrapers - they're unsustainable and end up being used by capitalist construction companies as greenwashing :P

I just made an Indonesian version, it's greener:

The whining and confession of an average humanities person. Actually, no, I think I am probably slightly above average for caring about day-to-day moves to resist digital surveillance, as I have been the only person NOT to use WhatsApp or Wechat in most professional circles I belong to. I use Telegram a lot: was aware of its problems, but found it somewhat the lesser evil...

Just put "join Matrix" in my "Try to Do the Right Thing" to-do list.

Sigh...not easy to do the right thing

Overwhelmed by work over the past several days, but prompted to log on to share an amazing (although not free) tool I discovered yesterday:

"Replace the frustration of searching your Mac with the pleasure of using contextually relevant links. Use Hook to copy robust links to information on your Mac or elsewhere (files, emails, tasks, PDFs, web pages, etc). Paste them anywhere. Hook automatically stores your links as bookmarks and optionally syncs them in iCloud."

@YiGU in addition to @dredmorbius's tip I would like to add that most Mastodon clients, including the default multi-column web frontend, allow you to 'pin' #hashtags so you can keep them open to make it easier to sort of 'follow' new posts made to them.
By expanding the details at the top of the hashtag column you can also exclude or include posts with other hashtags too.

@YiGU Definitely use tags.

It's also useful to click on your own tags in your toots to see if there is any related discussion.

I also make a point of boosting replies / discussion on my own threads (of substantive discussion) to expand visibility.

I'm very strongly opposed to the common evolved practice of CW'ing discussions of specific areas of interest / appeal to the author. Much of it strikes me as being kink-shamed for having an interest. Let your freak flag fly!

Worst impact is that for anyone not on Mastodon, the thread presents as a long string of "show more" buttons, which must be opened one-by-one on the thread.

(This is a long-standing gripe of mine against Mastodon.)

CWs are NOT discoverability tags or subject headings.

#Hashtags #LetYourFreakFlagFly


One thing I feel frustrated about Mastodon is how difficult it is to find people with similar interests (yes yes what a cliche). Every day I TRY very hard not to go back to my FB.

Just stumbled upon
by @Luca

An utterly amazing tool that allows you to search hashtags of public toots in local or federated TL. Still haven't found much in or , but it at least motivates me to post more and use tags effectively!

Just renewed the Squarespace subscription for my personal website for another year.
Feeling guilty and unhappy with myself.
Would love to use Fediverse compatible platforms. But the last time I tried WordPress, the learning curve was too steep. I could not tweak the site into the look I want...
I could not shed the guilty feeling and decided to give it another try. is really really hard for a person who is NOT tech-savvy to do the right thing.

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