I first joined Mastodon in Sept 2021. I was increasingly appalled by the algorithm-determined timeline and curious to see whether the alternative would work. Around the same time, a large number of Chinese users discovered Mastodon because of the increasing tightening control in China-based social media platforms.
I now enjoy my experience at a Chinese language instance so much that I am desiring the same for my work and life beyond the Chinese language environment.

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Please, tell more about Mastodon usage by Chinese people in China? Would you give some pointers?

I've a friend/colleague in the Academy of Sciences who might want to pick up on this - if they don't already, that is.

@mike_hales It is like guerrilla warfare, as the large instances are often banned, blocked or flooded with government agents or bots. But people find ways. It has become such a beautiful space of sharing. I hadn’t seen this in the simplified Chinese cyberspace for a long while.

Has this present stuff been triggered by some event? Or just evolved? Have there been phases? Is any particular platform or formation acting as a catalyst? Is there English language journalism on this?

And - how much of this can be spoken of, in open toots!?

Specifically, I'd be glad to know what questions or suggestions to make, to my Beijing friend, for channels they might want to explore. And what might be the safest channel for me to reach them in.

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