I did actually finish reading Homo Ludens - hooray!

But that was 10 days ago and I haven't tooted about the fact till now - boo, bad scholar, no biscuit for you!

Took me longer than expected - multiplexing and too many brain tabs open.

It was a worthwhile read, and required reading for certain disciplines. And I can see why it was recommended. But I shall hold off on follow-on reading for now.

Several other projects are pressing, and I have a lot of creative writing to do.

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to comply with GDPR, as of May 25th, I will no longer be remembering anybody’s name, face or personal details without their explicit consent

...phew, finally a viable excuse

I'm reading "Homo Ludens" by Johan Huizinga (1938). "Man the Player."

I once helped a professor friend with a multi-year project in the of . The project was partly informed by 's work. I thought it was about time I actually read !

Apologies to all the kind people who have welcomed me to the community that I have not listed or thanked personally or not yet followed in return. For a retiree, I suddenly became enormously busy - which is good but makes for interesting times. Now endeavoring to restore a little balance.

@bgcarlisle @bstacey @paulfree14 @Sargoth @TayDuMuc @PaulWilks @entreprecariat @GardenOfForkingPaths and of course @socrates - thank you so much for your warm welcome! 😃 Still very much finding my feet and making (and will make) many mistakes. But I'll try and do your welcome justice!

Hello! This is my first foray into Mastodon. I'm a retired trainer with a computer science background. Researching and . Interested in and . I'm sometimes seconded as a . I love and .

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