KKK, Nazi? 

@Cyborgneticz What the... fuck? Will they ever decide what he is ? Is he a communist? a nazi? or a KKK member ? :pika:

Microbiota control of maternal behavior regulates early postnatal growth of offspring


@Cyborgneticz Nope! i am reallyyyy interested in hearing how this turned out tho, What did they conjure up? :librarian_hushing:


@robertwgehl Sure, I'll DM you later, but in order not to seem disngeneous my critique is really subjective, I will mention a lot of anecdotal instances and personal ideological issues i have with such practices. I am willing to talk though about how psychological variables are manipulated in such research if it comes to specifics.

Just making the way i will discuss this clear.


I am glad i did not find any "organizational psychologists" in here or any of the HR type. Their research and practice is just bad by any standard.

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new paper: "A protocol for adding knowledge to : aligning resources on human coronaviruses" bmcbiol.biomedcentral.com/arti (blog will follow)

@egonw That seems amazing, from the little I have knowledge of concerning it. Keep up the good work that is a radical approach to the topic that i never heard of. I am more than impressed!

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I'm pretty sure this applies to a lot of the academic presentation advice I've heard over the years. Source: smbc-comics.com/comic/seminar


It is rather annyoing that the whole parliement of Greece flirts with the imperialist notion of getting 2 more miles in the Aegean Sea. From the Communist party to center left and tha far/moderate right there's a huge populistic consensus of a imperalistic move that makes the british laugh, is useless materially and reduced to a god damn communication game. Yeah you will relieve tensions with turkey with god damn imperalism.

Question/poll for white ppl, I may/or not- reply 

@CaribenxMarciaX I humbly apologize then. It's that many americans i've seen talking publicly about such issues forget the prevelence of other types of racism that they are not colour related. I responded with bias.

Question/poll for white ppl, I may/or not- reply 

@CaribenxMarciaX Personally i am from Greece, here we have mostly ethnic racism. I call it out usually, things such as "The albenians are stealing our jobs" is shit i cannot tolerate. My mother comes from Russia and she has experienced shit like this in Greece too.

my humble opinion is that racial racism is a very true but also very american issue, ethnic identies are important to adress racism in a european balkan context. don't look down on it.

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I'm ashamed. At the age of 48 I read Plato for the first time. I knew it was great literature -- but I didn't know I had missed a part of myself.

It's never too late.

Class anxiety in the UK 

@mplouffe wait. I'm stupid. I've read just "class" and thought an educational setting. Lol

Class anxiety in the UK 

@mplouffe I've been doing an edupsych case study recently about dyslexics on higher education settings DM me if you want to talk more about it! I have some great bibliography and research accumulated on it. A lot is based on anxious and depressive symptoms that are amplified in the UK.

@Cyborgneticz That sounds extremely interesting i currently do no have much time for it but I'm willing to check it out!

I am from Greece and i study in a British university.

I am finishing up with my bachelor's. I'm on my last semester and I am researching for my final year project defence styles and their relationship to attachment styles mediated through empathy.

I want to pursue a master's on clinical and developmental psychology but also get training for Lacanian Psychoanalysis.

I'm an amateur of Hegelian philosophy and sociology

Have a great day i love you all :BlobCatHeart:

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