trip sitting ? no, roomate drops acid, decides the lack of waterproof pants warrants anxiety, walks off into the rain on Acid. meanwhile I haven't had anything but delicious pizza and a good stiff drink.

After hearing about the IPCC report's findings,
it feels good.

2hrs in:
homie never got dialated pupils,
DID get power to an abandoned building vis a vis some mad hax and the anonymity of the bar district.... ? still can't tell me what a squat does.

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There was a new person at cribbage club tonight who had a board *tattooed on her arm* so she could play anywhere with just cards and a marker and I’m still not over it

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be gay start fires

(Mayor Art Agnos, Bay Times, v10, no 9, June 1989)

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Did small adulty things
Big anxiety, but it was brief this time

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Why did the ship's captain become a pirate?

To avoid paying sails tax

(S)teal this file ? <3 for emacs and org mode in particular 

So I'm trying to gain some skills with emacs org-mode.

Figured it might help to have two versions of the same document open,
so I could see what it looks like as a plain text document, and one that's actually in org mode.

:) If you look at the right half of the screenshot, yes, ... emacs is actually asking if I would like to "(s)teal this file", after patiently explaining that "another user is also editing this file in emacs". <3

does anyone know of a good handbook on reproducibility issues in academic research +
, ?
whatever word some other discipline voiced concern / consternation / praise
over ?

examples i already know of

ideas at work

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@tychosoft @alienghic @abbaxi Oh yes, I've read about that. Hopefully, if there's a blind person working in the city government, developers there will help out and push results upstream.

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@abbaxi I'll definitely gather some and sendthem to you. I suspect that Gnome40 doesn't have many yet, but KDE seems a lot more promising ofa DE, maybe they keep track of them. And I've been asked to write a document that should unify UI expectations and rules for how a blind person would use a GUI. I'm definitely not an expert on UI design, but I’ll do my best if it helps FOSS

I bet, if I stole 5 vaccines, and was able to send them successfully to a major hospital in Haiti, that it would be worth the prison time.

I'm actually...pretty certain that it wouldn't be alife sentence, but that I'd save the lives of at least a few front line Doctors....

? Hey anyone else think that ending vaccine apartheid is real important ?



Haiti doesn't have doctors or nurses, not one, with a vaccine.


...I got one yesterday, no amount of self-quarantine will have them send the excess vaccines to somewhere where people actually need them. (like 5? can you not inoculate FIVE hatians? by...fuck, next year MAYBE??)

SO...as much as I was like "take mine! give it someone who needs it!"...they didn't...so I got jabbed. :(


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Louisiana politics, trans bill, positive 

Gov. Edwards vetoed the anti-trans sports bill!!


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There was only one question during the democratic debates (from a PBS newshour reporter, :) about violence against trans people. NOW, these two footballers, both came out. HAPPY PRIDE!!! (Nassib's jersey is the number one selling at the moment. Lesson: Life Get's Better Together , or LGBTQIA)

Furthermore, this was celebrated publicly by the US executive chief:

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question about cryptidsd 

@abbaxi @swiff gab migrated to activitypub and was part of fedi for a little while, but a concerted campaign to defederate from them and everyone who was happy to federate with them succeeded in isolating them. There are still quite a few edgy 4chan spinoff communities around, I think freespeechextremist and shitposter.club are a couple of the more notable ones, but most of the good instances use the fediblock hashtag to keep them away

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