Application winge: Cover Letters 

Cover letters and personal statements are currently the bane of my existence. Especially when the online form I've been sweating over crashes...
Why can't my work just speak for itself? 🥲

This is why I don't have dating profiles.

A good day: Outside 

So I set foot out of the house today. Walked along the beach to the barber and cleaned up. Then stopped at a small eatery because the cook looked cute :gaysper: Is this... Real?

We are about to begin the talk from @paulusm on "Transparent Minds in SF" for @SummerSchool. Join us!

Summer/Winter School 

Looking forward to @paulusm 'Transparent Minds in Science Fiction'!

"The Antibook" by Francisca Prieto is only readable once destroyed and folded into an icosahedron. An amazingly weird poetry d20.

Renovation update: De(con)struction 

Pondering my life choices 7 months into the PhD 🤔

Mid-June energy lapse might finally be lifting. For me, not for my country.

“There's never enough time to do or say all the things we would wish.
The thing is to do as much as you can in the time that you have.”
— The Ghost of Christmas present in the 1970 film, Scrooge.

PhD: Is it normal? (5 months in) 

@phdlife It's roughly 5 months since I started with my PhD, and apart from defending a research proposal, I feel like I've mostly been downloading articles and staring into the middle distance. Am I the only one?

PhD: Question abt reading speed 

@phdlife What's your average speed of reading an article for research purposes? I'm feeling rather underdeveloped at 3-4 hours per paper 😬

Good(?) morning all! 

So my morning started with lifting my dog out of the car, and having my forefinger find an unfortunate soft spot under her tail... We were both rather shocked 😱💩 How's your day going?

Question: Visual Semiotics; TTRPG 

I was wondering if anyone into visual could recommend sources on early-, possibly depictions of related actions or classes (e.g., magic user, fighter, scholar, attack, flee etc.)?

New blog: PhD stuff 

@phdlife Apropos of nothing recent, or perhaps exactly propos of *nothing* recent, I've started a blog to try and develop a writing discipline/habit. If you're idling away the minutes and feel inclined, its at

PhD rant. Reference to alcoholism. 

@phdlife Is it an unwritten rule in and that absolutely *has* to drive you back to booze by insisting that your proposed study *must* address their interest – even when their interests are exactly contrary to your study? I'm going to need stronger coffee to survive after 14 years of .

Triple booked: Plan for the day 

Oh dear... I'm triple booked online for today. A web-conference, a webinar, and a Zoom meeting. :facepalm:

How could my calendar betray me like this?

Chuckles about weekend content 

Fascinating how much a week on our instance resembles a week-long academic conference. Lunchtime Friday means we haul out the CD players and switch out some colourful light bulbs :gaysper:

Recommendation for Scholar users especially 

Set your default posting privacy level to Unlisted and post every weirdo thought that comes through your brain there

And then be intentional about what things go on the Local Timeline—everyone on the instance will see those

That way, there's space for both

Meta-cognitive awareness studies 

Any thoughts on the importance of developing (meta-cognitive awareness) in support of and development? Trying to broaden my understanding of the literature.

PhD Proposal: Defence 

Getting ready to defend my PhD proposal in where I combine best practice in Game Design processes with (Design-based Research) to define my research design. I'm using Plowright's (Framework for Integrated Methodologies) to tie everything together. Expecting the Action-based research panelist to know what I'm on about, and possibly grill me for not choosing them as my supervisor. Any tips on soothing potentially hostile bigwig egos?

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