what i've actually worked on

over-the-table: public space design; social accessibility; critical analysis on public realms; gendering of space; wayfinding; private encroachment over public spaces; geographic cisnormativity; criminalized informal economies; participatory citizenship; urban placeism; urbanist/arch history photography archives development; canadian culture

under-the-table: deconstructing cisnormativity; gender-as-language; womanist-informed social & civil justice

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US politics 

Hey, you there. Yes, you. There are good people in the world doing good things. Find them, add your light to theirs. There are always people doing good work. If you can create more space for others to join. Spread the light. That’s how we fight the darkness.


hi, so my bio is dry as it ought to be for here. if you know me already, then you already have a good idea where i’m usually parked on masto & which toothbrush i use the most

i've been out of academia for a while. i want to return, funding-contingent, in 2018 to do new research & teach

as basic etiquette, i ask you keep my presence on these different instances as discrete from one another. ping me privately on my usual acct if you'd like to confirm if this is me. 👍🏽

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