Today I'm thinking a lot about the old academic who, in the final year of his life, exchanged several letters with me in the hopes that I would carry on his life's work.

It looks like Buttigieg's healthcare client at McKinsey may well have been BCBS (see
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The thing about the Warren/Buttigieg "Medicare for All" Lite™ (brought to you by BlueCross/BlueShield) policies is that when they inevitably fail for the same reasons as Obamacare they'll get to say, "Look, we *tried* Medicare for All already!"

what's the modal logic generated by the "measurable" operator?

I've been thinking about this a lot lately. Trying to decide whether spring 2020 will be my last semester in academia
Academia doesn't need me. 500 people waiting behind me can research and teach equally well.

The day I realized this it set me free.

There are people in the world who need what you have to give. Go where you're needed. Find who you can serve.


Just wanna add to this that it's also incredibly unjust that the cops gunned down two jewelery thieves, too. Being murdered in the street by state agents isn't justified by committing a crime

Do you think UPS is gonna send those cops a 20% tip, too?

Underrepresented Philosophy of Science Scholars (UPSS) Initiative –at the Biopolitical Philosophy blog.

The Child has declared his left hand as his mortal enemy and is attempting to eat it. Meanwhile, the hand has taken to punching its owner in the head.

This is a really important point. The key problem underlying the job market crisis I think is not that we have too many candidates but that we have too few positions, and that these positions fold the work of 2-3 people into 1 impossibly exhausting job.

This was gonna be a joke about how receiving that would actually be better than the boilerplate "We regret to inform you that our applicant pool was unusually talented this year." email but honestly whatever

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Colleagues & I started a MAP chapter at! 🎉

Who are some precarious/underemployed/adjunct philosophers who are doing great work right now? I have a few names in mind but I want to learn about others!

It's about time for hiring committees to start sending out "are you in the right headspace to receive information that could possibly hurt you?" emails and I can't wait

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