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Workers know good and well that "luxury communism" is a false promise, a frivolous pretext for professional socialists in gentrified environs to rationalize their upper-class predilections. The entire discourse is an insult to the working class.

I grew up in Davidson County. It's much worse than this article makes it seem. There's a 20 ft. tall confederate monument in the park directly across the street from the courthouse in the pic.

When the Ada Lovelace & Charles Babbage biopic comes out and they aren't played by Bebe Neuwirth and Ian Holm I'm gonna be mad.

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ah yes, my favorite genre: professor at [insert fancy school here] briefly descends from his ivory tower to [teach/research/observe] the hillbillies, solves partisanship. politico.com/magazine/story/20

It's like that Mitch Hedberg bit about vending machine candy tasting better because it falls. You gotta carry the papers around with you for a while so they reach their maximum epistemic potential!
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Do you ever take papers home with the intent of reading them but instead they just travel back and forth.

Potionmonger I'm going into battle I need you to monger your strongest potions.

I've been informed that mongering is a much more diverse profession than I thought
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Why are the only things you can monger fish and war?

Why are the only things you can monger fish and war?

Bizarro claims about the "life hacks" that will make you wealthy pretty much always get the causal direction exactly backwards
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nobody becomes incredibly wealthy because they decide to wake up for work at 4am; incredibly wealthy people decide to wake up for work at 4am because it is a status symbol within their professional culture. this is true of almost every ceo corporate life hack you read about https…

whoa. Solidarity with CUNY adjuncts!
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City University of New York adjunct instructors are coordinating a city-wide course refusal for Spring of 2020. Join us in refusing to accept the wages offered to us!

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this is a stark little visualization

With one hand pinned by an infant I'm now dictating emails open parenthesis and this tweet close parenthesis

⚞ strike wave ⚟
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After union negotiatians broke down a bit ago, 35000 Chicago teachers just announced they are going on indefinite strike beginning tomorrow morning❣

Proposal: Metaphysics Check Dot Org. A non-partisan organization of philosophers who tell us about politicians' metaphysical views based on what they say. What they think persons are, how they answer the special composition question, things like that

Half a million people were driven to bankruptcy by medical bills, but we here at factcheckdotorg have philosopher David Lewis to tell us why preemption cases only involve mere causal dependence. Twelve pinocchios to Sanders.
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Sanders said that “500,000 people” are “going bankrupt” due to cancer, but the study he cites only says that medical issues contributed to those bankruptcies — they were not …

fuck hostile architecture
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Can't sit down after teaching for hours just because someone wants to punish the homeless. Just the worst.

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@adamdedwards@twitter.com, me, & Arlo! 🖤

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35,000 to STRIKE for the common good! That’s what @CTULocal1@twitter.com and @SEIU73@twitter.com members are willing to do for schools kids deserve. Help them prepare to feed students and workers in the event @chicagosmayor@twitter.com forces a strike. Donate what you can now!

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