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BIG ANNOUNCEMENT! November 14th will be a multi-union Day of Action in defense of graduate workers' union rights. Actions are planned for Chicago, Boston and DC.

We're aiming for *3000* comments submitted to the NLRB by then, help us reach our goal! AFTACADEMICS.ORG/WEAREWORKERS

this thread is a triumph
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star trek the next generation let's go!!

Academics! Stop suffering from writer's block! All you have to do is hit a few buttons on one of these and your paper practically writes itself!

Got my @thetrillbillies@twitter.com shirt to match my baby's cool skeleton onesie. Thanks @auntiebernice@twitter.com @TomSexton@twitter.com and @tarenceray@twitter.com

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A story... (in proper thread form)

I go estate sale shopping regularly and whenever I find an unfinished embroidery project I buy it and finish it bc there’s no way that soul is resting with an unfinished project left behind. One day I found this stunner for $5. The I walked

From a textbook I'm reading: "the third kind of probability, subjective probability, is based neither on reasoning nor on a substantial amount of relevant past experience, but rather on instinctive feelings"

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this is a stark little visualization

⚞ strike wave ⚟
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After union negotiatians broke down a bit ago, 35000 Chicago teachers just announced they are going on indefinite strike beginning tomorrow morning❣

fuck hostile architecture
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Can't sit down after teaching for hours just because someone wants to punish the homeless. Just the worst.

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@adamdedwards@twitter.com, me, & Arlo! 🖤

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35,000 to STRIKE for the common good! That’s what @CTULocal1@twitter.com and @SEIU73@twitter.com members are willing to do for schools kids deserve. Help them prepare to feed students and workers in the event @chicagosmayor@twitter.com forces a strike. Donate what you can now!

oh no
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This is quite possibly, the greatest published article ever. "We show that LaTeX users were slower than Word users, wrote less text in the same amount of time, and produced more typesetting, orthographical, grammatical, and formatting errors" journals.plos.org/plosone/arti

very cool
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@JDHamkins I generated the fourth step just to visualize it. Floating point calculations mean I can't answer your question, but the image is realistic. The bright spots are at the points of the third step of the sequence. Brightness shows density of constructed points in a pixel.

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