Thinking about reapplying to grad school and starting over.

I'll seem like I know things.
Marginally better writing sample.
Get to take classes again.
Already in therapy and on meds.
People start a phd in their 30s all the time!

still in grad school

The thing about the Warren/Buttigieg "Medicare for All" Lite™ (brought to you by BlueCross/BlueShield) policies is that when they inevitably fail for the same reasons as Obamacare they'll get to say, "Look, we *tried* Medicare for All already!"

Maybe these are disjoint subsets of the right, but it will never not be ridiculous to me how right wing people will deny the reliability of, like, geology or climatology but also endorse the most absurd evo psych nonsense.

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Revisiting the Categories to make sense of insufficiency arguments, logics of causation and action, and what we can give a logic of.

Can't stop—that's what the dash is for
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Just stop for a moment and ask if that em dash couldn’t be a period.

The existence of dumplings implies the existence of fully grown, adult dumps.

Trying to figure out whether brains in vats should've been called 'think tanks' or vice versa.


I rarely see anyone acknowledge how executive dysfunction can give people insomnia & constant exhaustion. it’s often hard to keep a routine due to executive dysfunction, meaning you stay up until late without really wanting to, just because your brain doesn’t let you go to bed.

Really excellent refutation of the common arguments against rent control. Hannibal Buress defenders take note
Comprehensive, convincing piece from @JWMason1 on why rent control is good and what simplistic, unrealistic economic arguments get wrong. Reminiscent of another debate: "rent regulation seems be in similar situation as the minimum wage was 20 years ago."…

Teaching things that are important enough to be anxious about getting them wrong is extremely good and something I wish I had the courage to do more often
I’m teaching a Fanon excerpt to my Intro Philosophy students today and I’m always slightly terrified of getting it wrong. I only added it a couple years ago and was never taught anything like it. It’s a challenge for all of us.

"Beware of the idea that there is a uniquely optimal all-purpose perspective to take on the relation between two things."

huh. alright.

read this tweet to touch the void
“What are your hobbies?”

Beginning of semester:
Gym, cooking, gardening

End of semester:
Sitting alone in my car in the parking lot to avoid life.

Replacing the Ship of Theseus with the Computer of Thaler in my metaphysics slides...
Finally replacing the potato I tricked into thinking it was a GTX 970 with something a bit beefier (1660 Ti). Which means I'm at the weird point where I'm one motherboard and PSU short of having enough parts to make another new computer.

Herb Childress, who inspired my most recent blog post on hiring internally, isn't on Twitter, so I'm sharing his thoughts on faculty who insist that adjuncts must vote with their feet and leave the profession.

for n=0 it's really simple (⊤,~⊥) but for n≥2 things go very quickly off the rails.

Here are a bunch for n=1:

How many organic tautologies are there in classical logic with 1,2,3...n variables? Is the number finite? What if there are no more than n constants as well?

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