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Martin Luther was such an evil, religious capitalist that when Jews did not morally or financially support his work he went full fascist.

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School starts for me next Tuesday and the CoD: WW2 private beta comes out on August 25th. I'm still working full-time as well.

I'm also planning on buying a recumbent exercise bike because my momma and I need to exercise since we work so much.

My pap smear came back negative!! Nothing wrong!!

Sorry I have been so absent from my Mastodon accounts. It is indeed all my fault. Was using Twitter too much yet I was able to make contact with Eli Valley who is going to draw my profile pic on there. He's one of my favorite artists political or otherwise.

Going to post some stuff tonight across the two Mastodon accounts I have.

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I have been accepted to Gratz College!! When I saw the email I cried. This is truly a dream come true for me.

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Why does drama always follow me?!?!?

My work is having a quarterly breakfast this morning so I'm waiting to have breakfast.

It will be an unkosher delight.

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I had a better Monday today than I had last Monday.

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It's either a Medium account or something else. I really respect @rechelon and his humaniterations.net especially how he has it set up. Very succinct and available. That's what I am looking for. I am looking for that level of openness. Everything available up front where you do not have to dig to find things.

The amount of people on Twitter supporting Milo and pedophiles is very disturbing. Many are people who probably have great things to say about Jimmy Savile and deny that the Holocaust took place.

My application to Gratz College is complete and it is now going for review.

Thank you, @KevinCarson1, professor Dave, and Dr. Ciccmaher for contributing as recommenders.