Basically, _all_ of your PDF renders using headless Chrome on Linux have broken typography: no hyphens (bug #6840) and broken font hinting leading to bad kerning in varying degrees.

Fix it using either --font-render-hinting=none or --disable-font-subpixel-positioning

Both flags have the same result in my testing. Then you need to use a hyphenation polyfill like hyphenopoly to make up for bug #6840.

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spicy communism take 

@Cyborgneticz potentially. Depends on how you fund and organize it. I think? Got purchased by a corporate entity, some of the Japanese Mastodon instances are corporate-run. Someone could take the code and develop a surveillance version or an ad-funded version. But the instances that don’t—and the option to freely de/federate—means that the instances that want to develop different social and economic models, can, and can keep the corporate actors at bay.

Le complotiste de l’Élysée

Par Frédéric Lordon (La pompe à phynance, Les blogs du Diplo, 2 février 2019)

Le complotiste de l’Élysée, par Frédéric Lordon (Les blogs du Diplo, 2 février 2019)

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