How can you tell if data is coming from a real quantum photonics experiment or a classical simulation? Find out how in my new perspective article, published in Quantum Views!

Suicide (talking about Alan Turing) 

But we need more than one role model.

Especially when that one role model's life ended so tragically.

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Suicide (talking about Alan Turing) 

As a queer person who loves CS theory, Turing was an icon for me.

I've visited Bletchley Park, I went to the Science Museum's exhibit about his life, I've even read some of his papers.

No doubt I wouldn't be in my current career without his influence.

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Suicide (talking about Alan Turing) 

I remember a competition from a few years ago where people had to write about LGBTQ+ role models in STEM, and they had an explicit rule that you couldn't write about Turing.

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Suicide (talking about Alan Turing) 

*sees news story about Alan Turing appearing on Β£50 note*

*taps the sign*

Honestly I'm pretty certain the publishing industry is a bigger threat to universities than Sci-Hub

26 letters of the English alphabet and they had to use the letter l for three different things.

I like to think the combination of this result and the videos of Tetris Grand Masters playing is sufficient evidence that P=NP.

Computer lovers 🀝 Computer haters
Computers are garbage

The University of Bristol Examinations Board has officially approved my Doctorate! πŸΎπŸŽ‰

HRT, Shitpost 

Maybe she's born with it.

Maybe it's Estradiol Valerate.

Very rough idea but:

Sonic Boom Six
Bowling for Soup
My Chemical Romance


HONEST ANSWERS ONLY: What were your five most-listened-to bands or artists in high school? (And don't try to be cool and say some hardcore band from Manitoba that three people have heard of).


Conference talk given βœ…

Number of anxieties this week down to one...

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