I forgot that my skillset is very unpracticed/not maintained in the area of statistics and statistical analysis.

(I am working very hard to move away from language like "I'm bad at..." because it is not only deleterious to me, but also to my students, in particular girl students, who have been proven to internalize negative statements about maths ability made by women teachers as early as first grade.)

I was just awarded scholarships for this entire school year. This is fantastic, but

A) I never applied for any
B) there is no indication for who the donor was

I want desperately to send thanks, and also to satisfy my curiosity. I guess tomorrow I'll call financial aid to see if I can find out to whom I should send my gratitude.

Is it weird if I print this and hang it on my fridge? Is almost 38 too old for that?

Wow I just got a lot of really positive feedback on an assignment and it's reminding me how powerful it is to receive as a student.

I have GOT to do better about doing the same as a teacher for my own students.

"New beetle species have been described at an average rate of about four a day since 1758..."


@Maltimore They may be able to block them, but I think new ones are appearing more quickly than that old ones are disappearing.

Protip: whereisscihub.now.sh

"We have every piece of human knowledge at our fingertips!"

Except we don't and a bunch of it is hidden behind paywalls.

LB: Timely given the two courses I'm taking this semester are literally "Qualitative Research Methods" and "Quantitative Research Methods."

Why even bother with statistics if you're just going to do the experiment until you get the answer you want?


I don't think I've ever had to agree to so many license agreements for one piece of software in my entire life.


By the by, my prof suggested studentdiscounts.com for this SPSS software, and it's really nice to pay $34.95 for something listed at almost $2,000.

Decided to go with 23.0 because that's what the manual was written for. I'm sure it will be fine.

Anyone using SPSS? I have some questions.

Currently 25.0 is the most up-to-date version.

I ordered Julie Pallant's SPSS survival manual, 6th edition, which was written with 23.0 in mind.

My professor said it doesn't matter what version I get, but I get antsy about using Less Than The Newest, and so I'm just wondering if I should go for 23.0 and it will be okay, or should I go for 25.0 and just figure out where the manual doesn't match?

I think I might have oversold this whole TNG/DS9/postivist/post-positivist assignment.

I mean, it panned out for my class, but I don't know if it would pass muster in The Fandom. 😂

Don't make jokes about marginalized people if you're not a member of that group.

Don't try to reclaim slurs directed at marginalized people if you're not a member of that group.

This is like anti-all-bad-isms 101, y'all. It's not hard.

"There is no danger of a character “going native” on TNG without the nefarious work of physical or mental intervention on the part of an outgroup."

I crack myself up, but also where's the lie?

Writing a 500 word essay on how TNG encapsulates positivism, while DS9 takes an aggressively post-positivist approach.

Welcome to a semester of my weirdness, dear qualitative research professor.

I wish that in-text references referred to publication titles rather than authors.

I just find it so painfully off-putting to see an author refer to themselves, even though I know it simply means they are referring to a piece that they'd published earlier.

Just a reminder for anyone looking for a new instance: registration is currently open on humanities.one, an instance for Mastodon users interested in #anthropology, #archaeology, the #arts, #ethnicstudies, #genderstudies, #history, #linguistics, #literature, #philosophy, #politicalscience, #religion, etc. Professionals, academics, students and amateurs all welcome.

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