Thread: a really cool thing that students have told me about this term are "feminitives"—or basically just feminine endings on nouns. Russophone femininsts draw attention to women in non-traditional roles by ADDING feminine endings to words that don't usually have them.

e.g. vrach (doctor), vrachika (female doctor).

It's fascinating to me that this is the exact OPPOSITE of Anglophone feminist linguistic strategies. 1/

I'm done with the semester!

As a student, anyway.

Two more weeks and I get to make this post, but from the teacher lens!

personal statement: i want academic challenge

program: academically challenging


@afterthehyphen do you mean mainly to search for papers? Someone on the Fedi recently recommended Base:

Is there a good, no-university-login, non-google alternative to

I use it on the regular, but would love to move away from google if possible.

Hello scholars! Do you want to be my writing partner?

I'm going to work through Writing Your Journal Article in 12 Weeks and it would be helpful (in fact it's recommended!) to have a writing partner working through the book at the same time.

it's written for people in the social sciences and humanities, but I'm doing ecology/evolution. Also, I'll take > 12 weeks.

(please boost if you have scientist/academic followers)

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Teachers Pay Teachers but it's a free exchange of ideas and materials because we're post-capitalist and all have incomes large enough to sustain ourselves and our families without having to invent and invest in a side-hustle.

Considering whether participants in an approach-avoidance study may mitigate better, though artificially, due to the foreknowledge of the study.

OR if knowing that how they perform will impact not just their own grades, but the study itself will create a kind of meta-approach-avoidance where they shut down completely.

Dear every university:

Stop bestowing crummy email addresses on us with arbitrary character limits that erase our surnames just because they're "too long" and let us tell you how we would prefer to be referenced.

Really bored of scientific research about gender/attitude that limits itself to "woman" vs "man."

Fellow non-PhD doctoral hopefuls (EdD here) does it drive you to distraction when folks constantly mislabel your terminal degree despite countless explanations and corrections?

I’m 50/50 on “let it go” and “break the tyranny of the PhD as the only ~viable~ terminal degree.”

Anyone else balancing PhD with family, work, and household maintenance? Anyone else not balancing particularly well?

One of my 8th grade honors students galaxy-brained the whole gif/gif thing yesterday.

Him: It’s actually pronounced “IF.” The “g” is silent.
Me: You mean like “gIF” you’re having this argument you need a better hobby?

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