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Andrea Lostaglia-Hoskovec MSEd @[email protected]

Ah January, when I up the lower limit of my scholarly searches by 1.

AECT is very near to home this year. I ~might~ submit to present? I think it could be really exciting.

I'm also absolutely terrified at the prospect. Nothing ventured, nothing gained though, right?

I am always professional.

I am also always honest.

That thing where you just go all in and write about toxic masculinity and presumptions about leadership traits on your very first post to a new class with a new professor.

2005 US: ha ha we have an Open Internet, unlike China and Australia
2018 US: here's my VPN for region-locked youtube, here's my VPN for sci-hub...

"back in the old days everything was better" is the most tired take, no matter if it's applied to politics, computers, ...

Finally submitted my paper on technological determinism to CITE.

*hides under the covers forever*

2017: *reads my first Le Guin book*
2018: *constructs house out of Le Guin books*

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Don't say "Sci-hub" too loudly or the guy from Elsevier will come and break your kneecaps :librarian_hushing:

Pro tip: Like split infinitives and ending a sentence with a preposition, grammarians of the 18th and 19th centuries proscribed the singular "they" not because it was actually bad English grammar but because you can't do it in Latin.

Smartphones need a button for "lock the screen but show what's currently on it and don't allow swiping through other things in my photo gallery or changing apps and don't dim the screen or show notifications or anything until I unlock it because I'm passing around a photo and some people have poor smartphone etiquette."

Just learned about the International Fixed Calendar - a proposed calendar reform fixing each month at 28 days, adding a new month Sol between June and July, and adding a monthless "year day" at the end of the year:

An article from MIT Press about the ongoing adoption of decentralized technologies on the web? Why yes, I do think that this group is the perfect place to share that.

The Motunui Epa: my favourite trafficked and returned cultural objects. A "Swiss Collector" refused to return them for decades, keeping them until the day he died. Now at home in Puke Ariki, New Plymouth

Where do folks host their professional websites?

I had a really nice dev plan on Wordpress, which they of course discontinued 2 months after I paid for a year. I’ve been ignoring upping to the new suite because it’s $400.


LB: even if you're not running glitch-soc, it is a delightful way to tidily add links to your bio.