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Andrea Lostaglia-Hoskovec MSEd

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Is there a way to adjust the local timeline so I don't have to choose between "toots" and "media"?

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Dammit. University of Iowa is putting on a free Massive Open Online Course about inclusion of marginalised people in fiction. This is exactly the kind of thing I'd love to take advantage of.

It's taking place while I'm recovering from surgery, and almost definitely won't be up to working on. I'm tempted to enroll anyway, just for access to the course materials.

If your company uses the Degreed learning system and you're offered integration with Pocket. DON'T.

It imports all your Pocket articles (1505) and makes them visible to anyone who can see your profile.

That sex-toy review you saved for your partner? It's there.
That NSFW blog post from a friend? It's there.
Your strong political views? Absolutely.

And if you disable Pocket integration? The articles stay.

No, you always overthink it and put the last name and first name in the wrong place in citation generators.

When you're basically citing one source over and over because you're talking about their specific research at what point do you just go (Author date for the next five paragraphs plz and ty) instead of citing them at every possible turn interminably?

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here is a good guide on how to be descriptive/set up your caption

it's rather long, and very detailed, but know that even just a basic description will suffice:


Chicago, author-date question:

I have four sources. Two are by author A in the same year. So I did the 3-em dash thing and 2015a (with author's name) and 2015b.

HOWEVER, I have a second author who has two pieces, both from 2012.

Do I just do the em-dash and then 2012a (with author B's name) and 2012b?

How do I distinguish between two em-dashed authorhships?

Tfw you’re closing in on your last year of doctoral courses before comps and you still have no real idea of what your thesis is going to be about.

I’ve gained so much from the past two years, but that also means I’ve come to and walked away from about 15 different ideas and I’m exhausted.

They aren't reinventing trains and busses and libraries because they're pod people. They're subtracting the idea of default public entitlement to those services.

The "rich people reinventing basic public services" genre gets less funny when you realize they mean privately-run versions that can exclude undesirables.

Would it be okay if I asked for boosts?

I'm an audiobook narrator on ACX and Findaway looking to build my list. I particularly love narrating books with science fiction and fantasy elements.

If you're an author looking to commission audio versions of your short stories or novels (on ACX, Youtube, or elsewhere!) I'd really really love to hear from you. I adore this work and would like to do more!


#writing #publishing #jobs

Pretty cool sitting here watching MastoDevs causally make fun of people getting harassed and abused.

Sorry your trending topics idea was bad and toxic and you got called out on it on your platform that was supposedly conceived to combat both harassment and abuse.

I just found out that by default, #LinkedIn sells user data to anyone without anonymizing it, regardless of visibility settings. #Linkedin is owned by #Microsoft.

You can opt out in the privacy settings, but this is something that should be allowed only after opt-in. #GDPR

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