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Andrea Lostaglia-Hoskovec MSEd @afterthehyphen

Where do folks host their professional websites?

I had a really nice dev plan on Wordpress, which they of course discontinued 2 months after I paid for a year. I’ve been ignoring upping to the new suite because it’s $400.


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@afterthehyphen What sort of requirements do you have for your hosting?

@bgcarlisle honestly, just something consistent, more flexible than squarespace’s layout, and doesn’t cost a billion dollars a year.

I really like dreamhost. I reeeeally don’t like trying to make sense of their constantly changing plans and fee schedules.

I might look at Reclaim Hosting.

I believe their cPanel administration software will let you install things like Omeka and Scalar.

@afterthehyphen @thelibrarian I host mine on Reclaim Hosting and I love it. I know the people behind it well and they are wonderful people. The support is awesome. They are doing Good Things in the world!