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Andrea Lostaglia-Hoskovec MSEd @afterthehyphen

Does anyone recall/have on hand the article about how Facebook is making it impossible to extinguish friendships that should naturally end?

I am trying every permutation of search I can think of, but am coming up empty-handed.

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beep boop, this portion of your external internet brain was also unable to find the article after a number of searches 😓

@afterthehyphen I don't think any friendship should "naturaly end" or be extinguished. The problem seems to be the wrong use of the word "friend" in Facebook. Enemies or people who you just don't like being around or try to manipulate and subdue you, you want to avoid of course. Those people might have power over you enough such that you are too scared to send them the message that they have been "unfriended". So you have to continue to listen to their "propaganda"...

@afterthehyphen I don't have it on hand and couldn't find it either, but I did turn up a WikiHow guide to ending a friendship:

@afterthehyphen they say "hey do you want to take a break from someone" if they're someone you'd otherwise unfriend
@afterthehyphen @salixlucida it's pretty cunning how they conflate "friends" with "everyone whose name you know"