Beginning running 

Yay!!! Did the longest outing since I started a walk-run program 10 weeks ago (after doing the classic beginner mistake of initially running to far and too fast).

Almost 8.5K - have been implementing a bunch of tips on running form recently, and I can really feel how they're reducing the stress on my body and at the same time speeding me up.

So exciting! It feels like playing a video game, but with my body, and real :) Slowly getting better at it, understanding how it works :)

Beginning running 

Hi @hcs :) I've found the Beginner Runner Village podcast SUPER useful for my running

Although I wish she didn't use the word "Mojo" in her branding (as it's cultural appropriation IMHO)

In particular, there are several great episodes on running form that have just helped me SO MUCH - simple things like aiming for a cadence of 180 strides per minute, leaning forward from the ankles while running - really very happy with it!


Beginning running 

@hcs How are you getting on with your running? I'm following a 13 week walk/run program aiming for 10K - and the 10K is coming up in a few weeks time. VERY excited about it!

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