Beginning running 

Yay!!! Did the longest outing since I started a walk-run program 10 weeks ago (after doing the classic beginner mistake of initially running to far and too fast).

Almost 8.5K - have been implementing a bunch of tips on running form recently, and I can really feel how they're reducing the stress on my body and at the same time speeding me up.

So exciting! It feels like playing a video game, but with my body, and real :) Slowly getting better at it, understanding how it works :)

Beginning running 

@ekaitz_zarraga I just Tooted about Beginner Runner Village podcast - this is what I've used, and it's helping me hugely. However, it's focused on long-distance running rather than sprinting - I'm curious about trying to run shorter distances faster, but am concentrating ATM on the long-distance stuff (as a big reason for doing it is the awesome endorophin rush from doing it for 40 min or so)


Beginning running 

@ekaitz_zarraga Good luck with that!!!

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Beginning running 

@ekaitz_zarraga And I really can't emphasise enough the need to take it slowly at first, listen to your body - you need to get your skeleton, muscles, cardiovascular system, tendons, all ready to deal with the running - you may have the cardio needed to run 20K, but if your skeleton (and your form) can only take 10K, you are at risk of doing yourself a lot of harm.

But the good news for me was that improving my form has HUGELY reduced the stress to my body.

Good luck again!

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