this is a stupid question and I know it's a stupid question before I ask it but I'm stupid so here goes

my mobile is knackered and I need a new one, I've seen one I like the look of (the camera is nice) but it is 5G and such technical sorcery has not yet reached my town (and maybe never will, we're poor)

if I buy a 5G phone will it work in a place that is not 5G? or will it just go "lol nope, you shouldn't have bought me" until I travel into a city?

looking at the key readings for a class on queer and feminist cities for the new semester (because I'm sad enough to be excited for the semester to start) and can't help noticing the newest reading is from 2011

because of course, nothing new has been written in the field of queer and feminist urban spaces in the past *decade*, no new thoughts or ideas

might fuck around and do my own reading of stuff from this millennium

from The Dead Serious News

> [LinkedIn] has confounded its critics with a boom in new users and increased revenues

that's because every time you go to a university careers class the first thing they say is "get a LinkedIn!"

most accounts get set up in those classes and never touched again and given the nature of universities I wonder if anything changes hands for LinkedIn to be so heavily recommended to students all the time

students' union: corporations are evil, save the environment, BLM, etc etc etc

also the students' union:

noticed this rather unfortunately named new sweet shop in the local town earlier

picture is from google, I was driving

as a trans woman on a university campus with heavy Chinese government influence (e.g. we have a Confucius Institute) and where a pro Hong Kong protest was mobbed by violent Chinese nationalists in 2019 ( I am concerned at the latest cultural crackdowns on e.g. "sissyness" coming out of Beijing

we could be in a situation where UK TERFism and queerphobic Chinese government BS combine in a university that doesn't want to do much about either - am I worrying unreasonably?

Weird tech issue, advice 

I've got the weirdest internet problem. My landline broadband connection (Sky) is refusing to connect to certain websites, including one I need for work - I get the error 406 Not Acceptable which I've never seen before

My backup internet connection (4G over Three) works fine with the same sites so I'm able to work, but I can't use my broadband to do so

Why would a website be sending a 406 for one connection, but not for the exact same PC/browser on another connection?

hot on the heels of WANT NEED LOVE a few weeks ago comes this one

the person in the radio station control room is evidently having a shitter of a day

Tech question 

I just got a new (hand-me-down) TV, someone I know got a new one and gave me their old one

My old one let you plug a USB stick into the back and watch the videos off the stick on the TV, my new one has no such feature

I can't afford to subscribe to every streaming site, so I pirate a lot of stuff (don't @ me about this) and would like a way to watch it on the telly

Does anyone have any ideas? 📺

"but Abi, there isn't another source, it's only in The S*n!"

then it's probably total bullshit

Show thread

today is not the first time I have seen content on here with the watermark of The S*n newspaper

doesn't matter if it's a cute animal video, a funny meme, a cool photo - if it's come from The S*n I don't want to see it here and neither should you

do not buy The S*n, do not repost content from The S*n, for goodness sake do not link to The S*n - find another source 👍 🕯️

My new university timetable has quietly appeared On The System

I have to say I'm loving the 8am(!!!) Urban Theory class on a Thursday, on the plus side at least I get to beat the traffic and I'll be back home by 11am, more of this sort of thing please

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