it is interesting to see this sort of civic-led exercise in processing what the fuck just happened

there is all sorts of art scattered around the town centre, like these road signs with messages about disability discrimination and how the pandemic has exposed inequality

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Barnsley has had more deaths per capita from covid than any other town in the country

there is also a small exhibition nearby - locals have written out their thoughts about the pandemic on little cards and pinned them to the wall, and there is also a short poem by Ian McMillan (who also wrote the "Barnsley's fierce love" quote)

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this is the only one of these I've ever seen, a memorial to covid-19, specifically commemorating the workers who kept working through the pandemic - shop and council workers, bus drivers, and so on

there is a police officer, teacher, carer and nurse, and a volunteer bringing a bag of food, an old person and a little schoolgirl, and around the edges it lists all the different workers

on one side it says "Barnsley's fierce love holds you forever in its heart"


Crash FM became Juice 107.6, which turned into one of the city's most popular stations

Juice eventually got subsumed into Capital FM or some such national network, but a bunch of the ex staff from Juice now run In Demand Radio which I listen to most days

Janice Long's impact on the Liverpool radio scene is still being felt

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heard recently about the sad death of radio presenter Janice Long

her amazing BBC career has been well documented elsewhere - she was remarkably the first woman to have a daily show on Radio 1, a station that had existed for 20+ years at that time

less well known is the fact that she started Liverpool alternative/indie music radio station 107 Crash FM back in the late 90s - she did an awful lot for independent media and new radio talent in Merseyside

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