Does anyone have any tips on masks 😷 and makeup 💄 for trans women who need to conceal beard shadow etc?

At present there's a lot of times where I have to wear a mask, but I also take it off - the other day, I had to wear it in a seminar, but take it off for an outdoor coffee with a friend, and the concealer/foundation had rubbed off my top lip area in particular onto the inside of the mask 😱

Any tips for this not to happen? Laser is, as ever, pending (given lockdowns etc).


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@ak around here people sometimes wear masks with more room around the nose/mouth (it's a tiny bit like those "plague doctor" masks actually!) That might mean less contact between your face and the mask.

I don't know if you can buy them, but I have seen sewing patterns online.

@ak ...and I can't find a single pattern, of course. It's a bit like this: with a middle seam, just with more space in front. I've been looking into the "bandito"? "Kerchief" style masks. Those should hold the mask on your nose and not brush too much against your lip or chin too much.

@ak you could possibly try a mask frame to at least reduce the contact area?

@ak speaking as a theatrical costumer and mask-sewer, this is a tough scenario. Makeup sealer is a spritz-on product that works to fix the outer layer of makeup very strongly, but with mask friction, it may still wear off. 2nd option: Theatrical makeup is oil-based and sets with powder and that's how it holds up better than water-based modern makeup. 3rd option: a different mask shape that doesn't rub the same way.

facial hair So I'm a cis woman but I have more (black! on skin that's too pale!) facial hair than I want - as a until-laser sort of thing, nair has actually worked pretty well for me as has bleaches. Problem, of course, is that you want the hair dark and grown in when you get laser.

(which is amazeballs)

@ak any setting spray will eventually give in to friction. the best you can do is be prepared with emergency touch up makeup. a full coverage powder compact is easy to hide in your pocket or purse and its not really all that weird to see women touching up powder in public, so no one will really think twice about it.

@ak maybe look into an alcohol based makeup like skin illustrator? We use it in film to cover up tattoos and such so it doesn't rub off on other people's costumes and doesn't sweat off cause alcohol.

It will rub off with sweat if you drink a lot though learned that one from set lol


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