My next project is implementing the labour theory of value for SMT

Classic exotifying kitch music video from Ylvis, still relevant for fedi 

The most problematic candidate for fediverse/mastodon anthem:

covid-19, Sweden 

I'm really worried about Sweden. Containment measures are in place and things look OK so far, but it also has the second fewest number of intensive care beds per capita in Europe due to 20 years of neoliberal cost-cutting, and the healthcare system is in shambles at the best of times.

If anything like Italy happens, it will probably be much, much worse here.

Life hack: write incredibly slow code and get really happy when you can lower its runtime by a factor of 5!

People always assume I don't like chaos because I keep organising things, but that's like assuming I hate food because I keep eating it so it disappears

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You: NextCloud, ownCloud, SyncThing
Me, an intellectual: rsync

I actually mostly want this for a private gitea installation, but I might have others.

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Dear lazyweb, is there a good way to do dynamic DNS:ing for a web server running on a Raspberry Pi at home (which may or may not be benind one or more (CG-)NATs)? I have previously used pagekite, but I'm not sure how reliable it is.

Bonus points if it helps with domain certificates etc. Preferably I'd like apt install internet-accessible & edit a config file.

Fediverse drama 

Given how many posts about instance admins being involved in, at best, very unproductive beefs is not exactly convincing me that this decentralised moderation concept actually scales. I’m getting the feeling that mastodon is essentially becoming a chaotic web of mini-Twitters now run by people who are unaccustomed to power and therefore ill-equipped for it and often outright dangerous.

(Except my instance admins, who are sweet angels of course)

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I'm worried that it seems my rate of discovering new music has slowed significantly, partly because I just don't have anywhere to discover new music I guess. How does one do that, these days?

It's like it's trying to be several different langages and none of them work right because it has to be compatible with Java

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At this point I don't even understand the point of Scala

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Me: "ok it's weird that really clean functional-style Scala is slightly slower than really cluncy imperative Scala"
Me: "oh so 2.12 has a new compiler let's try that"
My code compiled with 2.12.10: *is even slower*

Why is it so hard to install Windows? Boy they didn’t make it when optical media died!

640k genders ought to be enough for everyone

In this paper we define a bijection between the number of theoretically available genders and the irrational numbers, finally definitely answering the age-old question of "how many genders are there?" with "uncountably many".

I have to work in Scala and I've already written three bugs due to comparisons between things of different types giving no errors but unexpected results, including a comparison between `IdealInt.ZERO` and `0`, which is of course `false`, as you would totes expect.

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