Are you attending ? Would you like to learn about ClimateGAN, the deep learning algorithm behind which simulates flood images on street photos to raise climate change awareness?

We'd love to see you at our poster!

Spot G3: Th 28.04 at 5:30 pm UTC

10:30 am PST · 1:30 pm EST · 7:30 pm CEST/CAT

My name is Alex Hernandez-Garcia and I am currently a postdoc at Mila, the Québec AI Institute, and the Université de Montréal. I work with professors Yoshua Bengio and David Rolnick on applications of machine learning for scientific discoveries to fight climate change.

I grew up in Madrid (Spain) and did my PhD in Berlin and Osnabrück (Germany) working at the intersection of deep learning and computational neuroscience.

It's wonderful to be here and see some action!

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